2022 Short and Medium Haircuts. Choose Your New Look


What haircuts will be in fashion in 2022? Let’s see together all the trends for trendy and enviable medium – short looks!

Let’s talk about 2022 haircuts and we tell you right away that short hair will be extremely elegant and glamorous this year! Whatever your choice, know that opting for a nice medium or short cut will be the best option to get a super trendy look. But where to start? How to understand which cut is suitable for our face?

Meanwhile, let’s start by saying that a nice short cut does nothing but enhance the features of the face and neck. A way to upset your look especially if you are used to the long and heavy look that is no longer in fashion. By opting for a short we know that we will get a much more jaunty and youthful air. That’s why many celebrities have already made this choice!

So what are the coolest 2022 haircuts? Let’s find out together the different proposals according to our needs….

Short haircut 2022: smooth bob, French bob and mixie

Let’s start our selection of medium-short cuts with a classic smooth bob. A really sexy look and a perfect makeover if you want to cut long hair. The neat smooth bob looks great on naturally stretched and shiny hair. This is a very popular hairstyle in its short or slightly longer version. Perfect for enhancing a beautiful oval face and giving a twist to a boring look.

The French bob is a good compromise to try a short but without exaggerating. It can suit many types of face and can also be worn with naturally wavy hair. The French bob is a must that never goes out of style thanks to the cheeky look that it looks good on any face! Ideal if worn with a short and possibly disheveled fringe!

With the mixie cut we want to aim for the right compromise and mix between pixie and mullet! It is a very cool and trendy cut, perfect if you are looking for a different look with a slightly punk and current inspiration.

The yoke, the even bob and the side micro bob

Among the other 2022 hair options we still find the carré in its short and long version. An excellent solution for those who are still undecided and want to shorten their hair a little at a time! The yoke immediately gives a much more jaunty and fresh look, highlighting the face with simplicity.

Another trend of 2022 is certainly the even bob that does not require any type of scaling. Perfect for the winter and to be worn with a nice, neat fold, the ideal look for those who want a short cut but at the same time neat and classy, beautiful even in its “wet look effect” version.

An equally interesting solution for next season is definitely the side micro bob. Perfect for those who want a medium cut at the height of the mouth that is a perfect solution for those who have very thin hair and do not want a cut that is too clean and short. The beauty of the side micro bob is precisely the possibility of showing off the side parting, making it extremely elegant and a little retro. Ideal if worn with a little volume and a neat wavy fold.

Hair fashion 2022: choose the look that’s right for you

As we have just seen, 2022 will amaze us in terms of super trendy short and medium cuts. In order to choose the one that suits your needs, it is important to evaluate your face and how we would like to see ourselves with the new look.

Experimenting is very important! So, don’t be afraid to be daring and try something new. The important thing is to feel beautiful and fully represented by your new look, which we are sure will not disappoint you at all. Whether it’s a short bob, a mixie or a long bob if you want to see yourself different and more gritty then the time has come to try something new!


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