2020 Summer Haircuts

Haircuts and colors spring summer 2020. Medium, short, scaled and long hair. The latest hair and haircut trends.

Here we are! It’s time to show off your spring summer 2020 haircuts. By now the summer is coming and if you want to change color and hairstyle it’s time to take a look at the photos we have collected for you.

The new women’s hair cutting trends gather some legacies from the past season (from the inspirations of the 90s to the recycled pixie cut from the 60s) but also, of course, some news.

You should know that the 2020 haircut is distinguished above all by the styling. What makes the difference is more than anything else the way you comb your hair: high lines, cottons, there is something for everyone … without forgetting the importance of color.

Medium haircuts spring summer 2020

A wavy bob with the bangs that touches the eyebrows: a medium length that reaches just above the shoulders and can be easily managed even without resorting to the hairdresser for each fold. The bangs, to stay in place, requires a blow of the plate and a good anti-frizz product. Here, the copper red color dominates (Italian Style Framesi).

Volume and curves also for this medium wavy brown haircut created by Wella Mitù’s Hair Sylist; he is not afraid of being left free: however you “turn” him, he will always be charming. The idea of “rebellion” is one of the elements of Mitù’s PE2020 collection, where midi lengths dictate new rules.

Here Framesi takes the cliche of a certain Asian fashion of the black carré cut and draws a graduated bob, with purple nuances on a brown base. The forelock is important and the smooth styling is very essential: the collection is called Indo-China but the touch is national!

Dedicated to those who have a natural wavy and the desire to dry hair patiently, this medium length cut is full of volume and movement and gives a lot of satisfaction. Bright brown, a very trendy color for 2020, contributes to the full-bodied and rich effect (Wella Mitù).

A light and airy bob requires a parade and dancing bangs, which gives a fine and young air to any face. Have a good explanation of how to dry it at home and you will have no problem managing it.

The average even cut with a side line on the smooth crown gives a minimum of lightness to the tuft, slightly shorter. Choosing a cut like this is difficult to make a false step: it is a very classic and successful solution.

Wavy hair, but an entirely different air for this medium cut with red streaks. The locks, distributed from the side row, are brought back naturally; intentional irregularity is highlighted by the contrasting colored notes that change the tone of the brown hair.

A medium elegant and feminine cut like this owes much of its charm to the volume, which supports the soft waves obtained by drying and enhances the beautiful blonde tint with a natural shade.

Short summer 2020 haircuts

Moved or smooth? It doesn’t matter: in any case, femininity and naturalness are the key words for the new short cuts for women spring summer 2020. Here are the trends that await us.

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Focus on the natural, almost “casual” style James Longagnani (Hairstylist of James Hair Fashion Club) with this hyperfeminine short cut with disconnected bangs and thin and light sideburns. For the styling, the hands and the excellent hair products of Sebastian Professional, partner Wella, have been used here.

Very smooth, fashionable, androgynous and with a crazy color (Wella Mitù): you need the right face for this very short garçonne cut with bangs, which reveals the ears and rounds the forehead.

And if you like it more, you can show it off with disheveled locks.

Among the new short cuts, this “short rock” by Salvo Filetti deserves a look, with the tuft brought upwards and voluminous compared to the strands more paraded on the sides. Here it takes a bit of skill for styling, and above all a lot of attention to keep the color.

A short that also gives to those with thin hair is this, with a full tuft brought to the side and light tips, while beautiful contrasting blondes illuminate the complexion. Intense lightening is done with a technique called Stone Washed (Framesi Bucolika Collection).

Short bowl-shaped hair with bangs become summer and modern if the locks are able to have the right volume: the unthreading, the styling with a lot of attention to the final texture, a blond just shaded in natural shades and the hands of the hairdressers of Fabio Salsa do this magic.

Enhanced by a coppery red color, the very short cut of the James Hair Fashion Club boy for Wella becomes magnetic and seductive.

For those with wavy and full-bodied hair and who love short hair, this short wavy cut does justice to a platinum blonde hair. A little mousse or coiffant wax and the quick fold is done.

Voluminous, stylish, rightly called “pop”: this among the spring 2020 short cuts stands out primarily for the color in shades of pink, but you can imagine it in other combinations, even if it would be a shame to miss the contrast of shades between the root and the tips of the tuft. In fact, the basis of the idea lies precisely the contrast between strength and fragility, tenacity and insecurity, in short, between the different shades of feminine that animate the collection (Hairstylist Toni Pellegrino).

If you like very short hair do not back down and dare a new pixie cut, decidedly youthful but also very easy to manage, although of course it must be adjusted often.

Scaled haircuts spring summer 2020

The trendy cuts are mainly scaled: from long to short, from wavy to smooth we will see new haircuts with scaled hair; instead, as regards the nuances, brown and red blondes become protagonists.

Long scaled cuts

To give movement and volume to a somewhat “dull” hair, a long, scaled cut like this is ideal: without risking too much in terms of lines, the disheveled bangs frames the eyes and the beach waves are light along the entire length . A youthful and vibrant color is a winner: the light plays well on the copper reflections.

Medium scaled cuts

In recent times there have been many variations of the mullet, in its various forms. This Framesi haircut also starts from there, with a vaguely punk flavor, with a witty bang and the contour finished to lighten it, while the volume focuses on the front and the top of the head. A proposal highlighted by the beautiful intense copper point, softened by blond-beige shades on the front strands.

Impossible to ignore, the particular line of this medium scaled cut can also be appreciated on gray hair, which is artificial or given from a mature age. The hair requires care, especially if bleached, in order to control dryness and “electricity”.

Short scaled cuts

Here you can see a short cut with an important bangs, full-bodied but not perfectly straight, which “disappears” in an energetic cut decidedly scaled on the tips and on the back. The light shades on a brown base fill this proposal by Framesi (Survivor) with style and meaning.

Cold blond, soft scaled cut and slightly wrinkled on the ends: short hair like this is good for those with regular features and a graceful head, no matter what the age. It is certainly a hairstyle that needs to be handled well and often touched up in the salon, and above all fed with suitable products (Italian Style Energy).

Long haircuts 2020

The 2020 long hair philosophy includes a somewhat wild share, so we find the disheveled, the natural, the “raw”, a word that not surprisingly gives name to one of the collections of Framesi. And in this idea fits well the blonde who recalls the lightening of the sun.

Here is a long cut with a simple forelock with side line, combed with natural waves. The toning leaves the roots darker, so as to make the play of the gradating shades of blond shine in all its brightness. With this, if you have long hair, you will never go wrong (Italian Style Energy).

Natural and casual charm: look for this Birds of Paradise, the new Spring / Summer 2020 collection by James Hair Fashion Club, team led by James Longagnani. For example, in this long, coppery, red, coppery-colored side tuft, which seems combed by the wind and instead is due to the Sebastian Professional and EIMI products for Wella.

Instead look at how, in terms of color and styling, you can manage a long essential cut like this in the photo: line in the center, a barely hinted scale, but a smooth anything but flat: the volume is cleverly distributed and manages to appear natural, although surely there is behind a large study in the living room.

Here the styling plays on the wet effect, but also dried in a more “standard” way, slightly wavy or smoothly tiled, this cut will make your eyes stand out, embedded in straight and simple lines.

A long curly hair with a narrow curl that does not fear the exaggerated volume: for a rich hair, 100% curly, it is also important to choose a color point that illuminates the waves without “weighing down” the look.

To support curly hair, the choice of cut is important, but styling is the most difficult thing to do to keep your hair tidy. Here JMonteiros hairstylist Sebastian Professional teaches that hands and two products such as Mousse Forte di Sebastian are enough to structure the hair, and Volupt Spray, to give more volume.

Now you have some good ideas for your spring summer 2020 haircut.


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