10 hair colors that will be trending this spring

2020 spring hair color trends

We are slowly getting to know the clothes and accessories that will be trending this 2020, but we still need to know what type of makeup will become the favorite and also what hair color we can use for a change of look.

But, as always, we set out to investigate and here we present you all the shades in which you can dye yourself this year, to give more prominence and dynamism to your hair. We are sure you will love them.


Instagram user @fabhairbyjosh was the one who discovered how to give hair the appearance of being holographic by mixing different shades. They are vibrant colors and can be hidden in half a mane or as if it were a balayage.

Ash blonde

This type of blonde does not have to get to the stage, but it is just as brilliant. The ash tones provide warmth to the face, plus it seems that you have the reflections of the sun in your hair.


If you have brown skin then this is the ideal shade for you. The bronze color is a mix between light brown with light shades to make hair shine. Kendall and Kylie Jenner were the ones who brought him back.

Ash violet

Mixing purple and gray tones you can achieve an incredible tone. You can dye it first in purple and give it a little light in gray or vice versa, it all depends on what you want.

Seductive red

Although it is one of the most used shades in the fall, this year we can use it in any season. It will begin to be used to give more sensuality to the hair. The only thing you have to take care of this shade is that it does not wash off, or you will have to dye it constantly.

Contrasting colors

This year the hair will be in two colors, it can be with well-marked lines or as a gradient.

Smoky Gold

In this tone, the base is dark, but as it descends it acquires golden and brown nuances, with a few reflections to give it shine and light. We owe this color to Natalie Portman, she looks amazing.

Light chestnut

This type of dyes will make your hair look healthy and beautiful, you can use it if you have already subjected it a lot to different colors.

Dark coffee

If you are tired of black, then you have to resort to brown, chocolate or dark brown colors. Bella Hadid demonstrates how you should wear it.

Natural blonde

As for blonde, it has to be a monochromatic color from root to tip. This year it is committed to solid tones, which do not mix other colors, everything to say goodbye to brown balayage and California highlights.


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