Short, medium, long 2020 scaled haircuts: Trends

Scaled haircuts

What are the new fashions in terms of layered hair? Here are the new trendy scaled haircuts, sported by the stars and offered by the best hair stylists!

The scaled cut, always very current, allows you to create volumes and give movement to the hair. Medium, short, long, straight, wavy or curly, scaled haircuts lend themselves to any hair. Let’s find out which are the favorite cuts by the celebrities that dictate the 2020 scaled haircuts trends and what are the hairlooks proposed by hairdressers internationally with 100 photos!

Scaled Hair Trends 2020

Protagonists of the 2020 trends, medium-long layered haircuts are romantic and hyper-feminine. They are designed to frame the face, however avoiding that the hair is flat and you can easily create waves that make the color multidimensional. They are also suitable for women of all ages, from girl to over 50. Short cuts scaled only on the toes or disheveled and long cuts scaled in front, with locks or with fringe, are also very popular. These are the looks most sported by the stars: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jessica Alba and more!

Medium Scaled Haircuts

Medium scaled haircuts are certainly among the most practical and versatile looks. For those who love messy, unkempt and wild hair capable of highlighting more or less deep scaling there are the looks with more accentuated strokes, perfect for giving volume to smooth hair, but also for wavy and curly hair. As stars of the caliber of Reese Witherspoon show us, the medium scaled cut enhances the features and highlights the line of the cheekbones, especially if accompanied by a long tuft.

Short Scaled Haircuts

The short hair can be scaled in various ways. The hair scaled behind and long in the front certainly give volume to the hair, but among the trends of the moment we also find the pixie cut with side forelock, as we have seen among the short winter hair cuts. For those who love a more casual style, short cuts in front like the one of the actress Liza Weil are dedicated, ideal for streamlining the shapes of the face and in particular that of the nose and having a more youthful look, as well as easy to keep in order! The long tuft cuts are particularly suitable for both straight and wavy hair. And for a more decisive 70s touch, there is the cut of Jessie Buckley, asymmetrical with longer and fake disheveled side locks.

Long Scaled Haircuts

A scaled cut allows to enhance and exploit the lengths through the natural undulations given by the wise use of scissors. Long layered haircuts are ideal for those who have a lot of hair, but want to keep the cut long. The scaling allows to thin out and lighten the hair, weighed down by the even cut, without sacrificing the length. The result is romantic looks, such as Mariah Carey’s, which are feminine and refined without being retro.

Straight Scaled Hair

Scaled haircut remains the most suitable for straight hair. Famous actresses like Kirsten Dunst show us that straight hair scaled with a very lateral line is perfect to make the whole look more elegant and sophisticated, while the central line in the 90s style is particularly suitable for minimizing the shapes of the round face and highlight the oval. The smooth scaled cut is also ideal for highlighting natural shades but also mesh and colors, thus livening up the hair.

Bob Cut Scaled

But for those looking for trendy scaled hair ideas we remember that among the most loved there are the long bob cut scaled at the shoulders, longer then, and the bob cut just below the ears. To create the scaled bob, international hairstylists reward short cuts on the back and longer on the front, with bangs to create lively volumes. While the classic long bob cut behind is enlivened by front tufts that touch the chin to create a harmonious movement in the hair.

Curly Scaled Hair

The curly scaled haircuts are designed to distribute the volume of the hair in a balanced way, avoiding the super fluffy 80s effect. The scaled cuts help to make the curl light and soft, avoiding the risk of excessive weight at the roots which makes the hair flat, ideal also for those with narrower curly afro hair. To maintain the cut it is important to take care of the hair. Like? By choosing the most suitable curly hair shampoo and following our tips for perfect curly hair!

Wavy Scaled Hair

The latest winter haircuts trends see a return of loose wavy hair with a central or lateral line, with a very natural effect. Soft waves enhance the volumes given by 2020 medium scaled haircuts, where color plays a fundamental role in terms of dimensionality. Note the movement of the long bob cut made on brown hair with highlights, while mesh and chatouche on blonde layered hair give a sophisticated and modern effect.

Medium Hair Scaled and Drawn

In medium scaled and unthreaded haircuts, the hair is lightened by acting on the strands obliquely. Bangs, line in the middle or on the side, these hairstyles adapt to any type of physiognomy. How are these super-scaled haircuts made? With a toothed scissors that thinning hair and creating a dynamic and lively effect. For a more intriguing touch, we will be able to focus on cuts with a bangs that are paraded, visually youthful and jaunty, ideal especially for wavy and curly hair.

Medium Scaled Hair with Bangs or Tuft

The scaled haircuts with tuft adapt easily to different face shapes by framing it. The bangs, on the other hand, does not suit everyone: it does not go well with round faces, but enhances oval ones or with more marked features. The medium length hair lends itself to many hairstyles, such as braids, torchon, semi-gathered and many other medium short hair hairstyles. The short bangs puts our eyes in the foreground, and as several stars show us, it is also very popular among mature women. While the long lateral forelock creates a more gritty movement in the medium short wavy and smooth cuts.

Lady Hair Scaled Hairstyles

The scaled cut can be chosen to create youthful hairstyles, but also more refined looks for adult women. Particularly suitable for women aged 50 and 60, the medium fringe cut by Paula Abdul hides the forehead and takes attention away from the signs of age around the eyes. The long tuft cut is perfect for those in their fifties who love a more bon ton and refined style. While as shown by a lady of great style like Jane Fonda, the short bob cuts and the more cheeky pixie cuts don’t really age if you wear them with ease!


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