2020 men’s haircuts. The hairstyles of the most admired men in the world

2020 men's haircuts

Men’s hair 2020 short cuts with beard or without, faded hair, backwards, with forelock, and pigtail. Here are the hairstyles of the masculine style icons of the moment

2020 men’s haircuts range from short to medium long, to long hair where every man, regardless of age, must find his own style. The trends are these, but before going to your hairdresser or barbershop, take a look at these haircuts and hairstyles to get an idea of ​​how the look changes according to your personality.

We have chosen 8 men with a totally different style, actors, singers, footballers to get to business and politics. But don’t worry, in this article you won’t find Italian politicians. Here are eight different types of men’s haircuts from which to draw inspiration to renew your look.

Men’s haircuts 2020, medium-long – Bradley Cooper

Considered one of the most elegant men Bradley Cooper has a long scaled cut that is comfortable with everything he wears. To wear a hairstyle like hers, you need to have thick hair and above all a thick hair. Managing them at home is not easy, you have to equip yourself with brushes and stilyng products, but it’s worth it.

Brad Pitt’s long hair today

Years go by but the charm doesn’t. On Brad Pitt’s hair and the various transformations between long and short cuts, you can write endlessly. Today the 56-year-old actor (testimonial for the Brioni men’s fashion campaign), wears his long silver blond hair with a side line and hair sent backwards. His is a smooth hair that requires the use of a brush and hairdryer, but the hairstyle is quite youthful.

Wavy man hair and long beard – Lorenzo Jovannotti

The combination of fashion and music returns and returns like a refrain. But there is a difference between today’s singers who sell fashion through Instagram and those who have style inside it. In Italy we have some examples in rap music, and if we have to mention a true icon of music with an alternative style, this is Jovanotti who still manages to drag human masses like few others. So if you also have curly hair and a long beard, then this is the right look.

Curly hair man, Shawn Mendes’

The curly head of Shawn Mendes is the winning idea for haircuts for boys. The young singer (who together with Camilla Cabello reminds us of the summer hits of 2019), has a beautiful thick hair and a cut in line with the latest men’s hair trends 2020 which see shorter hair on the sides and longer on top with a tuft from leave untidy. To manage hair so gel or wax are indispensable.

Ronaldo’s pigtail on the football field

As for football, we could not fail to point out that Ronaldo is launching a new trend for men’s hair, the topknot. The footballer has short and soft hair, usually for his social outings he wears them with a side line even if every now and then he exaggerates with the gel. His is a type of cut cut that allows him to create a DIY hairstyle before taking the field with Juventus. Here it is in photos with a pulled pigtail.

David Beckham’s short cut always in fashion.

Style icon in fashion football legend Becky has practically everything, including a heritage that even surpasses that of her majesty Queen Elizabeth .. David Beckham‘s look changes are so many that you never get bored. The former footballer, however, knows how to anticipate the trends, the better Becky is. His is a versatile short brush cut and on the page, we see it in this photo where he promotes his new line of glasses made together with Safilo.

Short hair man 2020 with line.

Here we go to the classic that never goes out of style. What kind of hairstyle can a man candidate for the US 2020 presidential election have? The classic short cut with side line that is good for young and youthful men. Here is the man of the moment in the USA, the Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg who beat Sanders in the Iowa primaries. We already know all about him who is what he did, but the style is already presidential regardless of the result.

Gray hair with forelock on the side

Gray hair has its charm, there are men who despite being very rich do not think in the least to dye the hair. One of these is the co-founder of Oracle Larry Ellison who despite his 75 years, still shows a certain charm with his salt and pepper hair and the rebel tuft. To complete the look, a well-groomed short beard.

We are finished for now, we have shown you eight 2020 men’s haircuts that are among the new trends, now the choice is up to you.


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