2020 girl hairstyles: 150 beautiful ideas for every occasion!

2020 girl hairstyles: 150 beautiful ideas for every occasion!

Look for ceremonies and communions, quick and easy DIY ideas for school and beyond, here are the most beautiful and original hairstyles for girls!

We offer you many ideas of girl hairstyles 2020 designed for different occasions, fast and simple looks to be made in a few moves. We have selected for you a rich proposal of hairstyles for girls for ceremonies, communion, confirmation and weddings, but also easy-to-copy looks for school, do-it-yourself hairstyles for straight or curly hair, long or short and not only! Discover with us the photos and tutorials of the most beautiful and original hairstyles for girls spring summer 2020!

Ceremony Girl Hairstyles

In terms of summer 2020 girl hairstyles for a ceremony, high harvests remain a classic, to be made with different locks left free to obtain a more natural look. Styling hair in curls is the ideal choice to make a semi-gathered hairstyle set behind the head more elegant with a romantic bow tie. While the braids, lateral or fixed behind the head, will make the appearance of our girls more lively and jaunty.

Hairstyles for Girl with Braids

For an unofficial occasion we can create fishbone braids to be embellished with clasps and elastic bands with small roses, while for more elegant events a braid can be attached like a headband on the head. For those with good dexterity we recommend braids that start high on the head and outline heart shapes on the nape, but we can also give a lively touch to the hairstyles by weaving colored ribbons into the hair!

Communion girl hairstyles

First communion on the way? Pearls and jewel applications will give any hairstyle a more elegant touch. We can choose between high or low chignon for girls behind the neck, to be preferred too tight, or we can reward classic semi-gathered hairstyles with curls and floral crowns. Looking for something simpler? A wavy fold and a white headband with lace bow are the easiest and fastest combination to focus on.

Simple Girl Hairstyles

A fold with large ringlets embellished with floral hair clips and peak can make the look of our little ones very refined in an extremely simple way. Side tails, half and top knot and classic chignon can be embellished with colored ribbons and rhinestone applications. With a few elastics and a few hairpins we can make semi-gathered with braids even for a more particular little girl, as our tutorial shows you.

Hairstyles Girl Bridesmaid

The ideas of hairstyles for girls spring 2020 that will make the bridesmaid reward more elegant touches. We can try more complex weaves, or choose loose or semi-gathered hairstyles to which to give a refined touch with the right accessories. If our little girl has long hair, a white crown is the perfect choice to make it up to the event, while large ringlets and crowns of roses will give a more romantic touch to the look.

Hairstyles for children with straight hair

Straight hair allows us a wide range of hairstyles to try. With a few colored ribbons, we can make the hairstyles with braids more lively and original, while a simple ponytail can become a small masterpiece by adding simple diagonal weaves, as the tutorial shows you. To decorate the top knots on the head, glitter clips and simple twists with two locks will be for us, but also a refined elastic with pearls for the most elegant occasions.

Hairstyles for Girl Curly Hair

Curly hair lends itself to more natural and cheeky looks, from high tails with light 50s cotton to semi-gathered with braids and twist. In just a few steps, a hairstyle with rebellious curls becomes more refined by fixing the side locks on the nape of the neck with a jewel brooch or a flower. To insert braids we will need a little more time and attention, but the result always rewards!

Hairstyles for Girl with Chaplet

A perfect classic especially for the most elegant occasions, the boho-chic-inspired flower crown hairstyles are particularly suitable for ceremonies, from communions to confirmations and weddings. The crown can be fixed on the forehead to obtain a lively 70s effect, or it can be used to embellish simple loose or semi-gathered hairstyles, or to make the look with tight chignon more lively.

Girl Hairstyles for Confirmation

For those looking for hairstyles for confirmation, we suggest the looks with floral inserts and crowns in neutral and very light colors, from white to blush pink. Our tutorial shows you how to get a simple and refined hairstyle in a few moves, but we can also focus on semi-dissolved hairstyles with braids, or on more elaborate hairstyles with twist and a refined torchon fold.

Hairstyles for Short Hair Girls

If our little girl has short hair, we can enhance her cut in different ways. A braid over the head is always the quickest solution to give a refined touch to the look, but also two side braids can be for us. Bows, headbands, jewel applications and clasps remain the easiest way to make the hairstyle look neat in no time.

Hairstyles for Medium Hair Girl

Mix of braids and tails, soft harvests or more elaborate semi-harvests, the proposals for medium cuts are different. Even just by combing the zip-zag line, the look of our little ones will be more original, while easy two-strand weaves allow us to make even the simplest chignon look elaborate.

Hairstyles for Little Girls with Long Hair

With long hair we can really indulge ourselves! The side locks can be fixed in different ways on the sides of the head or can be transformed into soft crowns on the forehead, to be combined with a quick frisé fold. The length of the hair allows us to create more elaborate top knots and twists to combine with braids and other hairstyles collected, while a high tail transforms into a refined vintage style bun in a few moves following the tutorial we offer you.

Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Girls

For those looking for easy ideas of DIY hairstyles we offer a rich collection of hairstyles ideal for those with limited time available. The tutorials show you how to make a top knot on the head more particular starting from a simple tail. We can then simply fix the side locks on the nape by adding small twists and colored ribbons, or we can reward the classic side tails and braids for a more casual touch.

Hairstyles for School Girl

In the morning we always have little time, so here are some ideas of girl school hairstyles to be inspired by, starting with the half-gathered with braid that can be made more original by adding a colored ribbon! Alternatively there are the hairstyles with multiple tails behind the head or the looks with braids that start high on the head!

Hairstyles for Girls with Elastics

But we can also make the hairstyles for girls more characteristic by simply adding colored elastic bands ad hoc, as in the case of tight hairstyles with braids attached to the head. A game of elastics that follow one another creates original volumes along the simple side tails, while with an alternation of multicolor elastics we will give a more lively accent to the looks with asymmetrical braids and afro style.

What do you think of our large collection of hairstyles for the little ones? What is the most beautiful look you will achieve with your little girls? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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