2019 New Year’s Hairstyles: Photos and Tutorials with the best looks

The most beautiful hairstyles for New Year 2019

The most beautiful hairstyles for New Year 2019! Lots of images and ideas from which to take inspiration!

New Year’s is the perfect time to dare! No matter where we spend the evening, a new hairstyle, different and particular, can not miss to enter the new year triumphantly. Here are the most beautiful New Year 2019 hairstyles from which to take inspiration and copy!

New Year Hairstyles

Of course, even the simplest hairstyle can turn into something more elaborate if we decide to add clasps, rhinestones, jewelry pegs and other hair accessories. There are hair looks that apparently seem complex but in reality they can be made easily at home, without the need to go to the hairdresser.

Discover with photos and tutorials so many wonderful ideas for the latest hairstyles!

New Year’s hairstyles, Semi-clean Hair

An ever green, elegant but not excessively formal. The seeds collected on the nape can be smooth, curly, rough, with curls, but also with braids, with tails closed in a bow. Cotonous effect and maxi volume, elegant side line or bangs: the half-carcase is suitable for everyone!

Combing New Year: Simple Crop Seeds

For a simple harvest seed for December 31 proceed as follows:

  • tied the hair on the nape with a rubber band;
  • take a lateral lock and use it to cover the elastic, stopping it with hairpins;
  • repeat the operation with other locks, until creating a sort of crossed hairstyle.

Hairstyles Last of the Year

New Year’s hairstyles can be really simple but always in effect, like a low-moving tail or gathered in a big bush. They are easy to obtain effects with a curling plate, for a look that can become sparkling like fireworks.

Such as? Adding the right hair accessories and choosing them according to the evening you spend, whether at a friend’s house between lentils and cotechino or at a disco party.

Diy New Year Hairstyles

Another hairstyle for New Year 2019 you can get it like this:

  • move on one side of the strands of hair;
  • create a Dutch braid on the opposite side, fastening it with a rubber band and hairpins;
  • recover the length left free, creating a sort of low chignon;
  • stop everything with many hairpins.

New Year’s Hairdo, Ponytail

The ponytail can become the jolly hairstyle of the New Year if combined with makeup and jewelry! High, super smooth and shiny, or left move but not messy, the ponytail becomes chic and minimal.

Torchon Hair New Year’s Tutorial

Still hair gathered in a high tail that turns into a really easy torchon to do. Simply split your tail into two large strands of hair, then turn one strand to the right and one to the left and then twist them together.

Combing New Year with Braids

Thin braids with disheveled length, but also more precise and elaborate hairstyles, where the braid and the lengths alternate to create a unique hairstyle. And then braided classic or spiky wheat, nests of braids that cross or single braids that end in chignon, you have so many options that it will be difficult to choose!

Side Braid Tutorial with Knots

An alternative braid for the New Year’s Eve party? Do it with knots! Proceed as follows:

  • move the hair to the side;
  • take two thin locks and knot them;
  • repeat the operation for the whole length;
  • close with a rubber band.

New Year Hairstyles with Braids

Staying true to the trend of the high ponytail, we can create an elegant classic braid, soft but neat. Those who prefer more wraparound hairstyles that frame the face can opt for a low-slung and disheveled fishbone braid.

How To Make a Hairstyle for New Year with Braids

Let’s see how to get a beautiful hairstyle with braids for the last night of the year. Proceed as follows:

  • intertwined a side lock of hair making a French braid;
  • do the same on the other side of the head;
  • use the frisé plate on the locks at the top of the head and stop everything on the nape with hairpins;
  • make a low tail and cross around the side braids.

You will have so braid, tail and frise in one hairstyle!

How to Make a Seplice Cotto for New Year

If you are looking for a more romantic look for the 1st of the year, then try this simple but impactful hairstyle:

  • leave your hair soft and smooth (if you have smooth, you can quickly move a curling iron or plate, to create just a little ‘movement);
  • create a large side braid that ends in the middle of the nape, then open the locks well to give volume;
  • do the same from the other side of the head, starting a little lower;
  • add the braids on the nape.

Combing New Year Hair Wavy and Boccoli

The curls are romantic, give to all and are easy to get, so perfect for the evening that will accompany us towards January 2019! The hairstyles with curls, then, are really endless, from a simple tail with a small braid braid to the sensual loose on the shoulder.

Hairstyles New Year Hairstyles Collected

Long and medium hair, the harvest always solves the evenings, including New Year! The ways to collect the hair are endless, from straight or curly, wavy or curly, without frills or with rich hair accessories. Ideas are not lacking, and you can move from a simple soft harvest to a structured and complex hairstyle: the choice is yours!

Hair collected for New Year’s

The harvest for New Year’s Eve can dare cottons and more extravagant forms, but also the classic crop, with soft locks left free, always makes its effect! For a formal and chic New Year, the well-pulled collection hairstyle is always the best option, as well as the mix of well-straight hair and curls to give panache.

Simple Harvest for New Year, to Do at Home in 3 Minutes

An easy but very elegant and fast hairstyle, in three steps:

  • create a low tail;
  • then fold the length inside the elastic;
  • cotonate the final locks of the lengths and then move them sideways to cover the elastic itself.

Chignon for New Year

The classic chignon should never be discarded, even on New Year’s Eve! Simple and messy or voluminous and tidy, enriched with glamorous details, the chignon is never out of place! But there are many ways to do it, here are the most beautiful!

Simple DIY New Year’s Bun

Among the most suitable hairstyles for the last year’s celebrations, there is certainly a chignon crop. For a chic and simple hair harvest, here’s how:

  • make a low tail;
  • divide the hair on the nape in two creating a space where you will pass the tail, obtaining the effect of two twisted locks;
  • insert the length of the tail inside the elastic;
  • stop with the hairpins if you have shorter strands that run away.

New Year’s Chignon with Braids

For a chignon with braids just create some strategic braid where you prefer. You can braid the hair to the middle of the head, create the braids to be inserted directly into a maxi chignon or, again, create a thick braid that frames the face and then a spiral on the low bun.

Chignon Tutorial with Braid

This braided bun is very original, here’s how to create it:

  • comb your hair well upside down;
  • create the Dutch braid starting from the back of the neck and coming in the middle of the head;
  • with the front length create the chignon, stopping it very high.

Hairstyle with Braids for Those with Straight Hair

A seeds collected with braids, a romantic and customizable hairstyle:

  • create a braid on each side, not very thick and starting from the middle of the head;
  • lightly pat the hair on top;
  • join her braids on the nape, stopping them with hairpins.

How will you spend New Year’s Eve? Surely you will do the classic countdown from 10 seconds before midnight, until you get to zero, when you wish the happy new year, toast to uncork the sparkling wine and watching the fireworks. Do not forget to eat white grapes that bring good luck!

You just have to choose your favorite 2019 new year’s hairstyle! Which one did you appreciate most? Which hairdo will you try to achieve? Say it in the comments!


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