2019 men’s short hair: trendy cuts

2019 men's short hair

Long above and short to the side, shaved to zero or only laterally. Many photos of trendy short cuts, how to comb them and those who are fine.

Which short cut for men is more suitable for an elongated face? Which hairstyle is more easily manageable for curly hair? No beard or beard, right?

All the trendy 2019 men’s short hair with lots of photos and tips to choose your ideal look based on the type of hair and features!

Faded Man Short Hair

The hairlooks with lateral nuances are those short haircuts on the sides and long on top, which adapt to any type of hair, whether curly, wavy or smooth.

This cut is perfect for a 50s look. It is sufficient to create a lateral line and shape the hair with a cream, a smoothing gel or – to stay in theme – with the famous ‘brillantina’. A hairlook suitable for those with fine and smooth hair, a square face and for all the nostalgics of Happy Days and Grease.

2019 Men’s Short Hair with Tuft

It was the most popular short haircut in recent years, also worn by many players. Tuft combed back and short scaled side hair. A hairlook that does not require special care; it is sufficient to dry the tuft backwards with the help of brush and hair dryer to obtain the desired effect even without gel. Who is this cut right for? To men with a long face and to those with strong features, such as a large nose.

Shaved Man Short Hair

Cut the hair short to zero with the machine, just like the military army requires. Definitely one of the most radical short haircuts for men that takes up to half a centimeter. A perfect look for those over 50 and over 60 who want to mask white or graying hair or a principle of receding hairline.

When do you have to shave your hair? Short hair grows quickly, so it will be necessary to renew the hair approximately every 3 weeks. You don’t have to go to the hairdresser, but you can adjust the hair at home with a hair clipper.

Short Wavy Hair Man

Do you have wavy hair? Keep the central foliage longer and let soft waves spontaneously create a natural disheveled effect. During spring and summer the sun will accentuate the dynamism of your wavy hair with light blonde reflections. Et voila, guaranteed beach weaves effect!

Short Men’s Cut with Lateral Ruler

What is the most elegant men’s short hair cut for excellence? Certainly the side view of the Outlook. It is a timeless evergreen, which has always maintained its success even surpassing the eighties cottons.

Men’s short hair with side stripes can be worn in many ways. With the tuft combed back or sideways modeled with wax or still softly styled on the forehead. A tip: leave your hair longer sideways if you have protruding ears.

Short Curly Hair Man

The short side and long cut above also lends itself to curly hair. Let the hair curl naturally in the center and then cut the rest of the hair more or less cleanly depending on the desired effect. For example, you can shorten the sides a lot and let long curls fall on your forehead to cover a possible high attachment. There are many types of short curly hair for men; if your hair is frizzy or Afro, use the special detangling products to get healthy curls.

Hairstyles Hair Man With Beard

The typical hipster cut very popular in recent years that actually lends itself to different occasions. Short hair and beards marry in fact with elegant looks (combed back hair and cured beard) or with a more fashionable hairstyle with upturned tufts and long unkempt beard.

A versatile hairstyle, suitable for young boys but also for mature men who want a modern hairlook. Long beards and short hair on the sides also give the optical effect of a long face, so it is a combination that is also suitable for those who want to wear out a round face.

Short Hair Man Shaved

We have seen that short hair on the sides dominate the scene of the male hairstyle, but it is possible to achieve many different looks depending on how far the hair is shaved sideways. For example, you can do a skin shave leaving a long tuft combed back in the center or create one with a sharp break with the central part of the crown with a line.

Short Hair with Drawings

Hair can also be a means by which to express one’s personality. So go ahead for your creativity with zigzig patterns that start from the temple, frizzed tufts, bleached and oxygenated hair with double crest. There is no limit to creativity!

We have shown you many short haircuts that fit different faces, styles and hair types. We hope that our images may have been inspirational with your next hairstyle!

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