2019 men’s haircut: short and shaded, 10 photos to change style

2019 men's haircut

Men’s hair: if you want to change your hair, here are 10 examples of short hair trends according to the 2019 2020 fashion. Take a cue from here.

The short men’s haircut is the trend of the moment, it does not go out of fashion but changes the hairstyles. Sidecut undercut high shades with row, orderly tuft and back or uncombed hair. Here is how male hair style changes

If you want to change, follow fashion or simply look more youthful, choose the hairstyle that suits you best from these photos of short hairstyles, selected by the best male hairdressers.

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Shaded men’s hair cut, the 2019 2020 trends

The haircut trend for men leaves you free to choose between a classic faded short with a tufted line or the one with disheveled men’s hair brought forward or sideways as you can see in this image. This is the undercut hairstyle that the young man and boys who love a casual style really like.

The new masculine cut with tuft

Revisited the most variants the tuft does not go out of fashion, the new modern gentleman brings the shade high behind and to the side without excessive contrasting shaves but with the tuft on the side, in addition to the short and cured beard. Here is the trend-setting masculine hairstyle.

Short hair: sidecut with row and tuft

For those who love classic hairstyles with stripes the idea is that of a high shade with a touch of modernity thanks to the geometric side shave, while the tuft remains well combed and neat. Here is this sidecut undercut is a classic modern style cutting style that you can easily handle.

Faded man’s hair with tuft in the back

The high shade is also very trendy with the hair brought back in order that creates a contrast with the high side shades.

Fashionable short gradient cut

If you want to rejuvenate your style, a haircut can take ten years and add charm. Here is an example of how a short hair in the back with side skims and on the back of the neck will change your style. Ideal for those with fine or sparse hair.

Disheveled short man cut

One of the first men of style to wear the disheveled short cut was David Beckham. The former soccer star has a very short hair but with a line that can be handled according to the occasion. Here’s how Becky wears her uncombed hair while keeping her beard always short and very neat.

Excellent source of inspiration for those with lateral receding or only on one side is the short hairstyle on the sides and scaled on the neck of the actor Ryan Reynolds. This is a type of cut suitable for those who have fine hair and who refreshes the style with elegance.

Man hair lightened

the tendency to lighten male hair continues even in winter. It is a question of style but also of age, the unkempt and shaved bleached hair is very popular with boys. For a hairstyle like this, however, it takes a thick head.

2019 men’s haircut

Enhanced by the warm auburn bleaching on the very dark base, Mariano di Vaio’s haircut, does not present accentuated smoothing but lateral nuances and longer hair on the nape. This is a type of hairstyle that allows you to bring the ordered or disheveled hair with the help of a gel or a modeling wax in addition to the hairdresser.

We showed you what are the faded short cuts for men of winter trend 2019 2020, you can still see all the new cuts of the year for men of all ages on our website.


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