2019 men’s hair, 7 new cuts for the summer


Men’s haircuts for the summer of 2019. Here are 7 new cuts, short, medium-short and with tuft according to the trends of the year.

Although the 2019 men’s hair trends have shown a return of the long hair, the short cuts are still the most popular. From the shaded cut with a messy tuft to the very short one disheveled or combed backwards, to the one with the high shade, up to the side row there are a thousand possibilities to show off a new cut for the summer, and the direction is clear: short hair and beard, regardless of how old you are, because the short cut for a man is the one that has always known no age.

If your desire is to change the look or update the style a bit, you must of course consider that a cut should be chosen based on the type of hair as well as on the face and body. If you need advice, here you can see ideas and photos of the new men’s short cuts, the ones men like today and you can inspire yourself to choose the one that best fits your style.

Short hair with tuft

The tuft has always been liked, it is a great classic but now it can be worn disheveled with a shorter cut at the sides and a long one at the top, for example as you see in the photo. This hairstyle is suitable for a thick and smooth hair, and it doesn’t matter if your hair is fine: what matters is knowing how to handle it with a brush, hair dryer and a product that fixes the styling. It also helps to mask an incipient receding hairline and balances well with a short beard.

The shade is short lateral, the tuft is combed high backwards in a uniform direction and the locks show light bleaching: this rather youthful masculine cut requires a bit of attention: it must be maintained regularly because it does not lose its shape and without gel he’ll be in place easily‚Ķ

The short shaved to the side

Very fashionable at the moment are all the hairstyles with the high shade like this: suitable for a face with regular features, it allows a tidy look but not too serious and is very easy to manage; it is also ideal for “taming” a wavy and rebellious hair. Keep in mind that if you don’t adjust it often you will lose your line quickly.

A similar type of cut has also been chosen by Mariano di Vaio, who on his Instagram account, along with a summer outfit, sports an accentuated side shave that in his case plays on two different lengths, in order to compensate for the curve of the chin.

More regular this is what we see in Josh Cuthbert’s head: shaded on both sides and with a short tuft brought forward, it is undoubtedly the solution to bring the trendiest short hair for summer 2019.

The medium short cut

Going beyond the short hair proper, there are also those who prefer a medium-short combed back, always accompanied by a well-groomed beard: this classic hairstyle is good for the young and elegant man and never goes out of fashion; even with gray hair, he doesn’t lose style! A light touch of gel is essential to fix the strands with the comb.

These are the new short cuts for trendy men for the summer of 2019; as you could see, these are hairstyles that adapt to different looks and different ages of life, so both for young men with a casual look and those who prefer a more classic and inevitably more elegant style.


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