2019 Mechas for brunettes | black or brown hair

Wicks for Brunettes

Mechas are a trend for hair in this 2019, and we will focus mainly on the tones that will be worn this season in the dark-haired girls with black or brown hair.

Candy shades are fashionable and are very versatile, especially in those with dark hair. Many celebrities have been imposing this trend on red carpets, and will continue to do so for a few more seasons. If the caramel mechas are made as faint reflections, which means 2 or 3 shades lighter than the natural hair color, it generates a beautiful, really attractive look. They look very natural, and they add volume, light and interest.

Caramel tones can go to gold (with a yellowish hue) or to copper (with more reddish shades). You will also see mechas in fantasy colors such as red, blue, purple, pink … We will show you some examples below so you can choose the perfect mechas for you.

Colors and tones that are fashionable

Gold tones

You can choose a large number of mechas, where gold predominates in different shades.

Or you can choose a single tone in gold and few mechas, where your natural color predominates.

Copper tones

A candy closer to red than gold, may be another option to give interest to the hair.

Colored mechas

Those who seek to change hair color must understand the versatility of color trends, and adopt them according to what tone favors their characteristics. Therefore it is advisable to opt for a tone of the same range of its original color, to achieve the desired effect.

But nevertheless, fashion gives room for the most daring to indulge in fashion in 2019; since shades such as red, blue and purple are increasingly popular in hair strands. These tones are highly adaptable and will make them stand out in any space, but to guarantee their success they must be sure to wear them with a lot of attitude.

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Density of the mechas

Gradient more sombre and less ombré

Californian will continue to be used, but tend to be more subtle and not as uniform as in previous seasons, but should be mixed more with natural hair, creating a more surfer aspect bleached by the sun. Therefore, the ombré is no longer used, and it is passed to the sombreé. That is, the gradient is much more subtle.

From the roots

This is another option: that the mechas are born from the top of the head.

Techniques for making Mechas

Californian mechas

The California mechas are here to stay, but this year, they are used very degraded and soft, not as uniform as previous years. The hair should be rinsed in loose mechas and gradually towards the tips, so that the passage from the natural brown color to the lighter shades is gradual. They can be done in blond or coppery tones, both look very good on dark hair.

In the Californian procedure, the roots are not discolored, so growth is not a problem, you will not need to go to touch up the hair at the hairdresser.

Balayage mechas

The balayage mechas differ from the California ones in that the discoloration is done from the roots, trying to achieve a very soft, subtle and natural result.

Mechas melting color

This technique consists of melting two colors, creating that dark root finish to lighter shades at the tips of the hair. This is a somewhat complicated process, and is mainly used to dye hair in fantasy colors.

Mechas Babylights

They are micro mechas that simulate baby hair. With this method, the hair is separated into tiny sections, perhaps only a pair of strands distributed throughout the hair and dye a shade lighter than natural hair, to mimic the appearance of the hair of the smallest.


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