2019 long haircuts: Spring Summer trends

2019 long haircuts

Even, scaled, pointy and pull-out cuts combine with smooth or ultra-smooth folds. Here are all the new trends for the long cuts 2019!

The 2019 long haircuts bring back into style 90s pointed scales and 80s curly looks. The hair stylist’s ideas range from smooth, even hair with a tuft to soft waves with super-flat tufts.

Let’s find out all the new trends in long haircuts with the styling and color ideas of the most famous hairdressers!

Straight long hair climbed with bangs

Scaled Long Haircuts

The long-scaled back hair, V-shaped, is back in fashion! The perfect look is accompanied by a line in the middle and a strong frontal scaling that frames the face.

Scaled long hair cuts adapt to casual looks with wavy, disordered hair. Green light to tufts that fall on part of the face.

Long hair with undefined line

Straight Long Haircuts

The long haircuts 2019 for women with straight hair rediscovers the simplicity of even lengths. A special touch is given by the strands parched to frame the face and the full and short bangs.

L’Oreal Professionel presents the long hair cuts scaled to tip back combined with styling with the plate to obtain flat tufts.

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Long and thin hair

Long Wavy Haircuts

In the new collection of haircuts 2019 Jean Louis David focuses on the messy effect for the wavy hair. Hair specially ruffled on toes and part of the lengths thanks to the use of volumizing mousses, perfect look for the summer season.

Central row and side scaling to enhance long wavy hair. This is the hairstyle spring summer 2019 proposed by L’Oreal Professionel. To achieve this look, we recommend using a wide-angle curling iron.

Long cut for wavy hair

Long Hair Cuts with Defined Waves

Mossi yes, but defined! The 2019 haircut proposed by JDL combines the side line with a voluminous tuft in harmony with large waves that highlight the coppery reflections on dark hair.

The defined and structured waves help to give volume to the hair with equal cuts without removing or shortening the hair.

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Long cuts spring summer 2019

Long Curly Haircuts

80s vibrations and maxi volume characterize even curly hair. Instead, the long curly scaled haircuts point on locks of defined curls that frame the face thanks to the central row.

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What do you think of the new 2019 long haircuts? What is your favorite hairstyle for spring summer 2019? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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