2019 Haircuts Trends

2019 Haircuts Trends

The trends in cuts and hairstyles vary gradually, they are not like the trends in clothes. Styles are slowly changing to become other looks. It is for this reason that in this 2019 trends are a slight transformation of the cuts we have seen in recent months. We will show you the possibilities for different lengths and styles in 2019 haircuts trends.


Without a doubt it is the most practical of all the styles. With minimal care, the hair always looks healthy. You are not seeing as many short pixies as in previous years. The trend indicates that it is worn with the long upper part, with a long and dense side bangs.

The volume is very important, which can be achieved with a good frayed cut and with the application of mousse when combing. While the possibilities of developing hairstyles is very limited, the cut itself can be very beautiful and feminine. With very little effort you can see fabulous. There are more and more celebrities who dare to give this type of styling an opportunity.

You have the false idea that sexy hair is synonymous with long hair. This is a misconception, since short cuts can also look very sexy. And in this article we are going to show that this type of styling can look fabulous and super feminine. In addition, it is ideal for women who do not want or can not devote much time to the care and combing of hair.

This cut is easy to maintain and with a couple of tricks we are ready to go to the office or to go to a party. We are going to classify them in two: very short or short hair and we will show you many photos and possibilities to inspire you.


This masculine style is very popular among women of all ages, it is suitable for all. It is advisable to create many layers, a lot of texture, that will be the secret to make it look beautiful. There are many celebrities who wear this pixie style and look spectacular.

Pixie Audrey Hepburn

You can also choose the pixie, which is a very short cut, the hair is about three or four centimeters long, you can have the upper part longer. The difference with garçon is that it is very feminine. This cut is spectacular for women who want to highlight their eyes and facial features.

Mature women tend to look younger and smarter if they choose this option, since these hairstyles frame the face in an excellent way. If you have a heart-shaped face, pixies with pointy bangs can make you more charming and attractive.

If the hair length allows it, you can create undulations to give texture and shape.

Short Bob

This option is just as comfortable and versatile as the previous one, and has the advantage that being about 10 or 12 cm long, gives you more freedom when combing it, you can smooth or wave it more comfortably and easily. This also allows you to achieve different looks, so as not to get bored.

The options are also fabulous and there are some very sexy and super feminine looks. You can choose a shorter bob style on the nape and longer in front, or you can choose more texture with layers. Or you can also play with the asymmetries. The hair combed on one side is the best choice for this hair length.


The short manes have the great advantage of being very comfortable and easy to comb and maintain. It does not require as much care as long hair. If you are looking for this type of comfort, medium hair can be a great choice and certainly is fashionable, especially the bob cuts, where the front part stay long, the hair should not be too stepped as in previous seasons. A few layers can be added to give volume and movement.

With respect to the bangs, it is worn mainly long and aside. This length also offers a broad aspect of possibilities when it comes to hairstyles.

The hair transforms into a perfect frame for the face, highlights the eyes and can even disguise defects, because a suitable cut can even oval faces that are too round.

Wavy Bob

These cuts have been from several seasons ago one of the most important options in terms of trends. They promise even more adepts, because although lovers of long hair refuse to leave, the fact is that Bob cuts will predominately in lengths ranging from the shoulder to those that are actually much shorter.

As for styles we also find here several options and variants, as they distinguish proposals in layers, very straight cuts, other asymmetrical as well as stylish Bob with bangs. So easily we can all find within this trend a modern option that fits the shape of our face and the texture of our hair.

In addition to that it is really a very versatile cut, which will suit us both with a hair very limp as a gently wavy and in some cases also in its curlier version.

And if it is a long until just above the shoulder we can easily look also a collected or semirecogido, which gives our hair a greater practicality.

Messy Carré

This cut is similar to Bob, but the difference is that the length of the back is almost equal to the one in front.

Another way to make the bob or carre hairstyle look original is to comb a large part of the hair to one side, making a straight path. You can choose the effect of wet hair, creating loose curls along the entire length. The ear that is uncovered can be decorated with an earring.

Long hair

Follow the layers and stepped hair. Straight hair, at least for now, will not come back. You can wear it with or without bangs, which can be long on the sides of the face or can also be short on the forehead, although this last option does not seem to be the most popular. And it is worn smooth or with soft waves.

If you like to renew your look, undoubtedly long hair gives us the ability to make a lot of hairstyles, so, while its maintenance and care is more laborious than with short hair, has that great advantage of being very versatile.


It is used laterally for any length of hair. Now it is not necessary to waste time and nerves to fix the bangs before leaving, the more messy, the better.

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