2019 brown hair: colors, cuts and shades for brown hair

2019 Brown Hair

The light brown or dark brown hair may seem trivial, but they are not at all thanks to the many shades and reflections that make them bright and fascinating with that natural effect that no dye on the head can give.

Suffice it to say that the most beautiful actresses and top models of yesterday and, who are inspired today by beauty and fashion, many of them had, and have a brunette hair.

Often referred to as brown, brown hair is the one that best lends itself to unleashing the imagination of hairstylists. Unlike other colors, also the luminous chestnut: highlights the light eyes, while giving a unique charm to those with dark or hazel eyes.

And to convince you that brown hair is not at all boring, we have collected all the best images seen on Instagram and in the recent street style in Paris to show you all the trendy brown hair.

From chocolate to light or coppery to new colors, to those with colored locks, here are all the new shades of brown hair 2019 that will make you pass the idea of changing color.

Dark brown hair

On a long dark hair the many coloring techniques can give that special touch that gives brightness. Balayage and ombré hair always reign supreme, but there are those who keep the hair of natural color reviving it with reflections. And we see it here in this beautiful first floor by Bianca Balti for L’oreal Professional.

Often enough a good cut or a whole new way to wear brown hair, for example here you can see how the bobs bring the Parisians according to the salons Maniatis Paris. The French call this hairstyle carré bouclé, in Italian means curly. However, the wavy wavy hair, or even the retro-style hair, is back in fashion.

And we also see it in this new short medium-scale cut proposed by the salons of Jean Louis David with shades of dark brown hair. This is the ideal hairstyle (including color) for those over 50 and wants a whole new head that is not the usual smooth bob.

This new color proposed by Tony & Guy Usa is a beautiful chocolate brown that is good for amber complexions. Here it takes a nice healthy hair and a fold gloss to get your hair so shiny.

During the recent Parisian fashion shows in the streets of the French capital we saw many equal cuts and lots of brown hair. Here is an example created with L’Oreal dyes, here the hair is lit with copper but has a dark root.

Also from Paris, here is a nice idea to copy to bring the short brown hair in perfect Parisian style.

Many, however, do not like to wear hair of a single color, then go free to all the nuances that give light to dark brown hair.

Light brown hair, new shades

The border between light brown and blonde hair thanks to the many names that are given to hair colors, is sometimes labile. However light brown or you are born or become, but the monochromatic is no longer fashionable on light shades. We see it in this proposal of the Wella salons where the length of the hair is colored with a pink blonde dye. They are called ombrè hair and is particularly suitable for long hair but not only.

Very popular but more suitable for the summer are all shades of caramel color, even in this case it is still lightening by balayage or other techniques on light bases or dark roots. This shade of caramel that we see instead is perfect for the winter season.

Among the brown hair 2019 one of the most beautiful colors is this: made on a light base with shades of rosé champagne from Compagnia Della Bellezza

And for those who want to dare among the new hair color trends there are also colored locks on dark or light brown hair.

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