2019 Blonde Hair: All Types of Blond for Each Cut.

blonde hair 2019

Blond hair, from platinum to light blond, dark, honey, copper and … new tones! The trends of the moment for those who have them natural or dyed blondes.

What blonde are you, light or dark? How would you like to change your blonde hair, going to a cool shade or in warmer tones with a natural effect? We do so, we propose you in 25 images all kinds of blond of the moment, but from the hairdresser to choose the right color you go with one or more photos of this gallery. Between monochromatic colors and new shades, here are the new shades and types of blonde suitable for each cut.

But know that two shades of color are no longer enough: the new blonde hair 2019 is not simply meshati, and there are new coloring techniques that make the hair bright and shining.

The homogeneous color resists almost only on the platinum and ice blonde side, while for the cold or warm blond one tends to exploit different shades, with light contrasts (one, two or three tones) or vice versa very marked, sometimes also contravening the rule to maintain a continuity of “temperature” (hot or cold) between the base and the dye.

As for the new cuts for blonde hair, long plays mainly on scales that thin the top of the hair. Let’s not forget, however, that among the new hair trends the bob, long or medium, reigns supreme with the wavy or even scaled hair, while among the medium cuts, short and ultra-short cuts there is truly something to choose from.

Platinum blonde hair

On this color revived last year by Kim Kardashian you play a whole series of shades that take on new names, but the substance does not change. We speak of cold tones ranging from light blond to ice blond or even silver or even white, often referred to generically as platinum hair.

They can be monochromatic as this shade of platinum blonde of loin cut that gives a very young face.

The platinum shades can also enhance a short cut climbed and marched with darker roots.

Difficult to say to those who are good platinum blonde, certainly enhances a mature face, but everyone likes it and there is no shortage of examples.

To those who have a pale complexion this platinum point will be more than good. Here the color interprets the aggressiveness of the punk style of the moment with this very short hairstyle on the sides, with the high tuft fixed with the mousse.

The bright classic blond

The new bright classic blond is never monochromatic: accents of one or more shades illuminate the new shades of blonde hair 2019, while new nuances and new names emerge, like the beige blonde by Wella Hair.

Who has natural blond hair knows very well that the new coloring techniques give light to monotonous hair, as well as all tone-on-tone balayage enliven the blonde tints and the hair off.

Naturally every hair colorist has his own technique; to create this light hair color, Franck Provost’s salons used two blondes: gold and amber. The final effect is a bright and almost natural shiny hair.

The new blonde wheat or honey blonde

The shades of blond that turn more towards the heat are very popular among the new colors and suitable for all ages of life: the warm blond remains a very elegant hair color. This of the French salons Saint Algue is a really beautiful honey-blond point with a natural effect enhanced by a short layered cut, ideal for fine hair.

Blonde hair 2019. The blond toasted coconut

Among the new hair colors 2019 stands out the toasted coconut (literally “toasted coconut”), a combination of hot and cold that depopulates on Intagram and has been reinterpreted as Wella Hair.

Light and dark ash blond

Very used in the past to cover white hair, today sees many revisitations: this hair dye gives to those who have fair complexion and clear eyes. But even an amber-colored face can find the right shade of blond ash. The various shades of blond ash make it better in the games of contrasts as in this example on the medium cut.

Better still if the ash color is used to revive a brunette hair with a balayage, decidedly more youthful.

The new light blond cut and shades

Among the blonde hair 2019 emerge the new light shades that also see the combination of two or three colors. Here, for example, on this long bob two shades of blond, the platinum and the clear have been used, and the darker root creates a new color of hair that meets the latest trends.

It’s a particular type of blond due to a processing technique that steals the idea from smokey eyes that of the halls of Saint Algue. Ideal for giving volume to a thin hair.

The blond rose and rose gold

There is a whole trend of new colored hair that has as its basic concept a nude shade tending to rosé, where the “pink” component is more or less marked. Shades that you will find for a while ‘referred to as pink caramel, rose blonde, rose gold, blush rose or strawberry blonde make it very well on any length and also accept to be used as a solid color, although gradients degradé and some points of light never spoil.

Blonde shades with metallic highlights

This is a trend that began in 2018: hair in metallic colors are not only blond, the idea also applies to other colors, but on light blond is interpreted as well.

Dark blonde

The dark blonde is the most “nomal” among all shades of blond: on a base like this you can make all the techniques of lightening of the moment to illuminate the hair.

Blonde hair 2019: blond blonde, the most sensual of all blondes

If there is a type of blonde that expresses femininity and elegance to the maximum, this is the blond copper. Darker or lighter, it is the trend color of the year. Here is the first example from the French salons of Franck Provost that uses three different colors to get this shade of blond.

The cold blonde

The cold blond is unlikely to be used alone: better to balance it with a warm shade or with a root kept dark, as in this case on long wavy hair.

The brown blonde

The new blond brown of the moment has a testimonial, or rather, Gigi Hadid’s hair is! A warm dark blond shade that gives a special touch to those with clear eyes.

The bronde

There is a new type of coloring called bronde (brown + blonde). In practice it is a blond balayage that is applied on thin locks to illuminate a brunette hair, creating metallic reflections. If you are brunette, you can try!

Here, we told you about the trendy 2019 blonde hair tones: between light blond or dark, coppery, warm and cold you can choose the perfect color for your hair and combine it with the many cutting ideas you find in these photos.

How to keep blonde hair

The blond is not an easy hair color, especially if you are brunette: the regrowth must be continually “updated” and the discoloration tends to thicken the hair, make it drier and more frizzy. The antidote is to always nourish your hair, every wash, and protect them from aggressive agents such as sun, cold and pollution. For a shiny blond, moreover, the plate gives better results than the hair dryer and brush because the blonde tint tends to absorb light and needs a smooth silky.

Makeup for blonde hair

What is the ideal make up for blondes? Much depends on the type of color, the makeup for those who have platinum and ash hair will not be the same as those with a honey or a light coppery. Naturally also cutting, shape of the face and age play their role.
As for the lips, in general, on platinum blond and blonde blond hair, you can dare bold colors like a matte lipstick tending to aubergine or brown without risking to “switch off” the complexion.

A warm blond instead usually is better with more classic colors, such as coral red, or with delicate shades from nude to peach, to be accompanied with a light blush and youthful pink tones.

The eyes with blond hair definitely become the focus, and must attract attention. Yes to the smokey eyes makeup, to turn more on shades of mineral gray if you have a cold blond, more on brown in other cases. Balance with a softer shade but with the same “temperature” gradation. Absolutely recommended glitter or metallic effect eye shadows. If you like it, with a blonde hair the slightly retro eyeliner is just perfect!


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