2019-2020 men’s haircuts for short hair

Men's haircuts for short hair

In today’s world, good and well-groomed hair – this is not a fad, but an essential attribute of the image of a confident, successful person. Given the years, the appearance and the desire to adhere to a modern style, fashion is simply unacceptable.

But this haircut perfectly solves the problem with the hairline

Celebrated fashion designers expect the peaks of the Olympus of fashion, which this year is simplicity and elegance, made with a little effort. It all depends on the way men and haircut.

Next year, it is clear that there are some differences, so that the first floor is ordered personality. The most important thing is to choose the right type of hairstyle that completes the image of a man and make it safer.

Short hair is very different and changes from year to year. I recommend reading the General article on haircuts for men. And for connoisseurs of fashion the beard with a large number of images here.

Men’s fashion trends, haircuts 2019-2020 for short hair

Extraordinary and even extravagant hairstyles next year will be particularly relevant among young people. Thanks to the innovative approach to creating his image of being able to stay out of the crowd, to express their individuality.

Successful and stylish man needs to follow all the fashion innovation not only in clothing but also in haircuts

Unusual haircuts include interesting shaving, multi-faceted shapes in the neck and at the temples. But the irreplaceable concise classic, the short cuts will be in fashion again, especially between business and men. While completing shaving the hair is no longer considered popular.

Before choosing a haircut from a vast assortment of fashionable novelties, you should consider stylist advice:

For a round face asymmetry fit, long side bangs, separations; oval face holders, suitable for all types of haircuts; For owners of a massive forehead and a strong chin stylists recommend smooth whiskey, and create greater volume at the top of the cut; The Holders of a narrow and massive chin forehead It is best not to choose hair cuts with sharp and dazzling shapes; Square face of the type is a sort of oval analogue, but in a more virile form. For this category of men it adapts to any haircut.

Every year in the world there are more options for haircuts for men, but in 2019-2020, the most popular and fashionable are just some of them:


one of the most popular and fashionable, haircuts among young people. For many kids, this haircut is considered to be the best option. Longer hair that has been left at the top can be neatly combed back or simply slip to the side;

Elongated poluboks

with volume spikes they are a versatile option, drop-line temples, allowing the hair to experiment, select the most suitable option;

Comb-over laterals combined with flakes of temples

in recent times quickly gaining popularity. Well shaved whiskey, combined with the youth of style clothing looks just perfect;

Shaved whiskey

and unusual neck line (V-shaped). Type of short hair in any case does not have to be boring, with this hairstyle not only can you transform your appearance, but to focus all the attention on the unusual design of the neck line.

Men’s haircuts “Canadian” 2019-2020 for short hair

The exterior features of this clipper is very similar to the British one, which many people confuse these two hairstyles. But for Canadians the typical full-beard of the storm and the frontal part preserving 5 cm fringe Stylists will bring this haircut into the class of classics, because it is completely versatile and suitable for all men, regardless of age and type of activity.

Canadian – the perfect haircut for businessmen, whose advantage is shaving the temples and long oblique bangs

In the coming year, the Canadian will combine simplicity and elegance at the same time. A professional performs this haircut for a couple of minutes, if you wish, you can learn at home. If a man has opted for a trendy sport for the Canadian, then they don’t even have to worry about styling.

Due to the fact that with this hairstyle you can experiment with it is an ideal option for formal, party and even casual events. Young people can experiment with the design of temples, emphasizing brightness and boldness, or, on the contrary, refinement and romanticism.

Men’s hair cuts “tennis” of 2019-2020 for short hair

The main privilege of tennis haircut is that it is completely versatile as great for men with different face shape. First hairstyle appeared during the development of sports activities, as the players was at the peak of popularity. The principle of laying a very simple and versatile, ideal for practicing any sport.

Versatile tennis haircut – ideal for a bold and sporty for men who like to experiment with their images

The most traditional of hairstyles has short hair, but depending on the imagination of everyone can experiment. Because the t-shirt has a lot of variety, every man can choose the option depending on the shape of the face and the structure of the hair. This is exactly the kind of cut when every man can transform beyond recognition. It is suitable for wavy hair and even curly hair.

Man haircuts with flakes of temples 2019-2020 for short hair

Obsolete and monotonous haircuts never left the fashion world, giving way to more daring and creative options. Brilliant representative of the extravagant image is displayed haircut with flakes of temples. With this haircut you can show everyone their individuality, good taste and the desire to stand out from the crowd. The classic version is presented in the form of a gradual transition from the elongated hair form on top of the head to the minimum temples.

Haircut with flakes of temples has virtually no defects, has its original appearance and completely transform a man image

Men can choose contrasting hair styles when the transition occurs from short strands of multiple plots. The most original is a haircut with temple flakes or a certain model that is more like a tattoo. This haircut will help to correct square, round or full-face. The style is absolutely necessary to use water, enough to get a special gel or wax and your hair looks great all day ready.

Man haircuts “Hitler youth” 2019-2020 for short hair

More and more men are committed to ensuring the shortest possible time, in the morning to pass in front of a mirror, but to have the perfect look. For those who want a neat look thanks to the minimum of time and have invented the Hitler youth haircut. This bright and stylish hairstyle, refers to the universal variations, as will be appropriate not only in everyday life but also for large celebrations.

Modern Hitlerian youth haircut – a real godsend for whom, like the sharpness and clarity of the lines

The distinctive features of this haircut are:

the presence of long filaments on top of the head. On the left the hair on the side or back of the head must be the same length; a Gradual transition from the neighbor of the area is moreover thanks to the special padding is of medium length.

Due to the fact that the haircut combines contrasting qualities, it will give man the feeling of nobility, elegance and exceptional taste.

Men’s haircuts “box” 2019-2020 for short hair

It is this type of haircut is considered the most popular among true gentlemen. Professional short hair styling, makes the street more elegant and brave, which gives more brutality, and also emphasizes the status of a successful person. Properly packed and clean hair is interesting not only aesthetically, but also very practical. This haircut requires no special care, or the day of shampooing.

The main favorite among men of all ages, box haircut

Due to the fact that the haircut technique is very simple, every man can keep the desired image at home.

Young short male haircut 2019-2020

Elegant elements of youth hairstyles presented the main separate models.


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