Hair weaving

Every girl wants to be beautiful and attractive. The good appearance depends largely on the color and quality of the hair. The hair looked good, it is necessary to make every effort, but spoiling them is very easy, therefore, streaked hair deliberately. Coloring, drying, style and leaving hair brittle and dull. What to do if you want to change the color, make it elegant, adjust the brightness and news about it? In 2019-2020 year comes to the aid of fashion lights.

The first thing to remember about lights, will help preserve color for a long time, and the procedure is very delicate, therefore, the hair is almost embarrassing. Today we talk about plot, and all its types.

The main advantages of this type of coloring

To tell precisely if the plot you need to know all the advantages of this type of coloring. The first thing to say is that the highlight does not damage the hair. With this technology, hair dye lightens by about 30-40%, so most of the hair remains healthy and strong.

The plot is a good option for editing the image

The advantages of this painting:

This color can be worn for more than six months. Did you know that with the right technique and compliance with all the rules, this painting will wait six months. All, because the roots have remained intact and the plot grows gradually and almost imperceptibly; This coloring is more convenient. The procedure does not require the complete painting of the entire volume of hair, requires less material and service costs, it becomes even less; The hair weaving is left lively and textured. Thanks to the combination of different colors, the coloring in this hair technique has remained lively, voluminous and attractive.

On dark hair

About the shortcomings highlighting 2019-2020

As with any other technique, this painting has a couple of minor flaws. The downside is that the weft cannot be combined with dyeing, using natural dyes. This mixture is harmful to the hair, as well as, very often, these paints such as henna, do not claim the means to weave, and the result is not so beautiful.

The plot also has its drawbacks

The disadvantages of highlighting:

It is not necessary to color the hair during pregnancy, breast-feeding or hormonal balance; Components included with highlighting tools, can negatively affect the body, during pregnancy and breastfeeding should refrain from this procedure; a Perm chemical substance. If you have recently made a permanent, you need to abandon this procedure for a short period of about 1-2 months.

And fashionable if highlighting will be in 2019-2020 year?

To answer this question is to pay attention to the models that show the collection of the new season. Many of them have hair that is painted with the technique of highlighting, but it was done calmly and gently that feels beautiful, natural colored hair. From this we can conclude that in 2019-2020 year will be in fashion natural attractions that can only help to make the natural color more interesting and bright.

For short hair

Streaks is always true

So, if you have decided to dye your pastel hair, then you should choose slightly lighter and darker natural colors to create a nice flare and volume.

On dolce (soft), we highlight 2019-2020.

Soft highlighting there are many different techniques, but let’s talk about two of them. First Brondirovanie. Brondirovanie is a different thread coloring, but very similar colors. Just take a couple of slightly darker shades and a little lighter than the base. This painting is very suitable for girls who do not dye their hair, which will help them change something in the image, without damaging their hair and without spending a lot of money. During the lamination of painting only the upper part of the hair and the lower part of the hair remained almost untouched, in addition to the roots, moreover, do not come close to the transition is smoother.

Two types of sweet tiles

Another kind of sweet highlighting – Classic zonal in evidence. This technique is very similar to the previous one, but here it has a maximum duration of two tones lighter than the base 2-3 tones. It can be concluded that in this framework the most obvious transition. I must say that even here we take only the top of the hair. This step is done in order to minimize hair damage during lightening, to maintain their health and attractiveness.

On the Ombre 2019-2020 technology cards

Shadows is a more difficult technique, because to make a smooth that extends from dark roots light ends up quite difficult, only a good and experienced master will be able to make a smart hombre. The most important problem is that it lightens the tips, even the driest and most damaged of the hair.

On dark hair

Ombre is an option for women of any age

Another important problem is that the light from improper care ends, there is a characteristic yellow color. With that shade of hair it already looks so good to return to their original appearance is enough to buy shampoo or shampoo for blondes and toned ends.

Approximately highlights Golden reflections 2019-2020

The most popular and attractive suggestions for girls of Slava look and type of colors are slightly golden. Highlighting the color of the eyes and skin, highlighting these nuances are new rules, only colors rather quickly lose their luster, so in advance for the care of hair health, oil and thermal activity.

Being Golden this year

To ensure that the coloring is more vivid, textured and voluminous, you can use different shades of gold, then really sparkle and transformed hair.

On Californian highlights 2019-2020

Californian highlights appeared relatively recently, a distinctive feature is that it looks more natural. The main task of a color that should create the impression of bleached sun-hair. Because hair in the sun often burns very unevenly, to make it artificially, but beautiful is not an easy task. He is only capable of creativity, experience and knows his master’s fact.

Californian shows trend 2019-2020

If you use the products well, the highlights are almost no damage to the hair. These techniques are used instead of the paint paste, foam, use the film and paper is not available to everyone. Californian highlights a very fashionable and beautiful appearance, if you choose the color correctly, this painting is suitable for everyone.

About the American highlights 2019-2020

In addition, the American case occurred relatively recently, about 7-8 years ago. Represents the most natural of colors. Usually when painting in this technique to use more cold colors, and coloring refers to the coloring. All this because, in addition to the clarification of individual strands with aluminum foil, paint or paste, or with dyed hair, in a persistent coloring, this step is necessary to obtain the most natural and transition.

American highlights that something new!

American cool highlights highlights the main color, makes it more texture, three-dimensional and alive. Hair with this type of coloring transformed quickly, become very attractive and beautiful. Above all, the procedure does not damage the hair, rather it makes them more shiny and bright.


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