Hair: the new Autumn / Winter 2019-2020 trends

2020 hair trends

What will be the most original haircuts, the most glamorous accessories and the coolest hairstyles able to set trends for the autumn winter 2019/2020?

Autumn and winter 2019 are preparing to unleash new and sparkling hair trends, both for long and medium hair and especially for shorts. After a summer dominated by beachwaves – inevitable, in the warm months -, wavy and natural, bright colors and medium lengths, autumn will reserve more refined and elegant cuts and shades, with particular attention to short cuts.

September, October and November are the ideal months to change look and, as they say, “give us a cut”. Short and very short hair is ready to replace the classic long or long bobs that were so fashionable in recent seasons. The bangs will return and the short and square hairlooks will return, from the mannish mood to the now classic pixie cut.

New haircuts for the fall

In many, with the arrival of autumn, they are meditating on a change, both to keep up with the fashion of the cold season and to intercept the coolest hair trends, both to face the new school or working year with more determination and personality. Among the hairstyles not to be missed are the long and scaled, the medium and scaled, the open, disordered and asymmetrical bangs, but also the carré, traditional and super-lacquered helmets.

The trends are dominated by shorts: the bowl cup cut, which was once called “bowl hair” has already won over stars like Charlize Theron, Céline Dion and – on the catwalk – a baby supermodel like Kaia Gerber. Smooth like spaghetti, they take the shape of a bowl framing the face and bringing out the features, as well as the make-up.

Who does not feel like opting for such a particular cut, but still loves the short, can settle on the pixie cut, a hairlook that often marries particular and bright colors, from blue to purple to green, to pink, to burgundy. Those who have a real predilection for the very short, can settle on the boyish mood, even going so far as to shave their whole head or part of it.

Headbands, clips and small springs

The 2019 hairlooks return to the nostalgia of the mythical 60s and suggest to go back to the rounded circle, an accessory that exploded in the spring and depopulated in the summer. Autumn and winter will again focus on this accessory, dusting off the velvet shape and fabric. The same goes for the small springs with adjectives or words like GLAM, GIRLS, SEXY, words to carry … right on the head.

The fall and winter 2019 hairlooks are refined, elegant and accurate. Alongside the sauvage trends, which impose natural hairstyle and non-artificial colors, the fashion returns for the obsessive care of the hairstyle, with hairspray and fixing spray, with headband and small accessories. The same goes for the hairstyles gathered, always more retro and perfect.

Fashion hairstyles in autumn and winter 2019-2020

The fashion shows and red carpets of recent seasons have foretold it: the most classic hairstyle returns, like the chignon, perfect and elegant, rounded, lacquered and shiny, flanked by the simpler but no less sophisticated ponytail, a long and refined ponytail.

The boho-chic trends, which had depopulated a few seasons ago, will give way to a need for order and harmony. The hairstyles will be decorated with many applications and the finish will be perfect. Just a touch of lacquer and you’re done!


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