20 Hairstyles for this season of heat to not feel your face ‘melts’

Hairstyles for this season

When the hot season arrives it is important that you be twice as careful with the cleanliness of your face, since sweat and dust can cause pimples to burst. The hair on the face causes these rashes to be born.

It is best to pick your hair with a pair of braids, a ponytail or a nice bun, no matter how long your hair is. Next we will give you some ideas so that you keep it away from your face and avoid the annoying pimples in spring and summer.

A pair of buns decorated with braids

Knot some hair around your ponytail and cut it

A disheveled bun and the rest of your loose hair

A ponytail is basic

What do you think about a buns but in the bottom

Add a braid to your top bun

A French braid to frame your face

Decorate your hairstyle with a scarf

With a lot of patience you can braid yourself like that

What do you think of a flirtatious tie

Two French braids ending in a pigtail

Just use your favorite scarf

Copy Margot Robbie and just twist a couple of strands in two pigtails

For the most skilled, a Dutch braid that ends in a ponytail

Ask for help to collect your hair in tribal braids

Try twisting a half tail

No matter how long your hair is, you can always braid it

A mohawk braid that ends in a bun

Just pick up a couple of strands and pull them behind your head

A ponytail combed for those days in a hurry


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