1920s hairstyles: three easy to make models

1920s hairstyles three easy to make models

The 1920s also went down in history for the fashion that followed clothes and hairstyles. In this article you will find 3 simple hairstyles to make

Charleston era, The Great Gatsby atmospheres, bangs of silk and beads and wavering crystals: the 1920s evoke in the contemporary imagination an atmosphere of lights, music and sparkles that make the heart beat faster.

Nothing was left to chance and – to accompany those gleaming women’s clothes worthily – the 1920s hairstyles were not spared in elegance and refinement. This fascinating style can be updated and easily flaunted even today, just take the right precautions: here are three 1920s hairstyles that you can easily reproduce and show off.

Flat waves with bandeaux

The waves are the constant of all the typical hairstyles of the 1920s. The hair was almost never straight. the tendency was to give movement to the crown. The same movement that had the clothes full of bangs that moved frantically to the rhythm of music. The waves – then created through the skilful use of curlers – were then gelled and flattened at the head: the hairstyles were wavy but never fluffy, always composed and very shiny.

To replicate the hairstyle, a wise use of the plate will be enough. Create flat waves (by tilting the plate first upwards and then downwards) which you will then stop with a large quantity of hairspray or hair gel. For an enviable hi-hat style, decorate your hairstyle with a bandeaux, preferably made of beads or crystals.

Fake helmet

Each 1920s-inspired film or period film clearly shows us what the hair trend of the time was: the bob. Whether it was real or simulated, today any length of hair can afford a perfect and elegant fake hat with a Charleston flavor.

This easy hairstyle can be made in two different ways; both – however – will have to start from a moved basis, in order to further simulate the “short hair” effect.

The first technique consists in taking one strand at a time and – with the help of a hairpin – folding it on itself and fixing it at the base of the head, being careful to leave some shorter strands out, so as to simulate a slightly effect messy and casual.

The second technique is achievable with the help of a bandeaux placed between the nape and the forehead. The wavy hair must be rolled up softly around the bandeaux, obtaining a very voluminous effect.

Exaggerated and defined ringlets

If, on the other hand, you do not want to abandon your beloved lengths, you can – with the wise use of large curlers or with the straightener – create wonderful hairstyles for long hair. One idea is to make very defined ringlets. This means that, when the hairstyle is finished, you will not have to pass your fingers or a wooden comb to dissolve the ringlets, but you will have to immediately fix them with plenty of lacquer so that they do not lose their definition. The hairstyle will be even more striking if completed by the side line, which will give greater volume to one of the sides of the crown.

If for a special occasion you don’t want to go unnoticed, these 1920s hairstyles will surely be noticed.


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