17 Tips to dye your curly hair without damaging it

Dye curly hair

There are many Chinese-haired girls who do not dare to dye their hair for fear of mistreating it, because it is well known that curls are more delicate and require special care. But that does not mean that you should resign yourself to a life without color.

If you have the necessary care it is possible to wear fantasy tones and maintain the vitality of your natural hair. If you’re thinking about changing your appearance, these 17 tips will help you have healthy curls.

Like any hair type, you should decolor it

The degree of discoloration depends on the tone you want to apply

If it is light tones, the discoloration must reach white

But if you want to dye it with darker colors, it will be enough if you get to blond

Keep in mind that your hair is very dry

Maybe even lose definition

That’s why you should hydrate it every day a week before the discoloration

Well, you need to be as strong and healthy as possible to minimize the damage

Use coconut oil at night

And conditioner in the shower

Think very well the color you want so you do not regret it or change it so often

Because that means having to extract the dye and mistreat it more

After the discoloration and the dye, remove it to eliminate the split ends

Hydrate it daily with conditioner and creams for your hair type

Additionally, reconstructive treatments apply every 15 days

Healthy hair is beautiful hair

Now you just have to show off those curly colors!


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