16 Hair Bangs Ideas


Want to change haircuts and have a bangs? The New Year is often conducive to change hair style. Here is a selection of 16 hairstyles with bangs marked on Pinterest for inspiration before going through the box hairdresser!

Hairstyles with bangs

Thin and light bangs with a long natural square coming close to the shoulders.

A bangs flush with the lashes with long soft hair.

The mini bangs, also called “baby bangs”, with a gradient square. Note that the very short bangs is one of the flagship hairstyles of 2016, a trend seen especially at Lanvin and Christopher Kane.

Straight and thick bangs, classical classic, with long straight hair.

Bangs on the side with a bun on the top of the head.

A long and tapered bangs with long hair a little disheveled and tousled style.

Irregular bangs with medium length hair wavy. A cut that brings a lot of volume to the hair.

Bangs very thick and curved, in a wise style with a smooth square.

The bangs wick, sweeping the forehead, halfway between the classic bangs and the wick on the side.

Short hairstyle and mini-bangs: a cut that suits round faces.

Long bangs that tickle lashes and goggles, with long straight hair. A very Parisian look.

We can also accessorize her bangs with a headband, for example, to bring style to her look.

A bangs in the style of Brigitte Bardot in the 60s.

A long bangs flush with the lashes, with attached hair, in a wise and discreet style.

Wispy bangs slightly domed and long hair.

Rebel bangs with wavy hair.


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