15 Tips to take care of your hair without visiting the hairdresser

Hair care tips

There is no woman in the world who does not want to have a beautiful and healthy mane, so much so that sometimes we become obsessed with the subject, so we do everything possible to have beautiful hair.

Among those things we get to try tricks or ‘grandma recipes’ without knowing what we really do, so we take care of collecting the most common mistakes we make when ‘taking care’ of our hair.

Do not blunt it frequently

We have the idea that we should cut it only when we see it mistreated, however, the hair needs to be trimmed frequently, because the more often we do it, the faster it will grow and it will stay beautiful; do it bi-monthly and don’t be afraid to ‘cut what has grown’.

Always have your hair up

Yes, the truth is that we are all a little lazy to wake up half an hour earlier to be able to comb our hair, so every day we resort to making a bun, a braid or a ponytail; What you don’t know is that this is terrible, because your scalp ‘doesn’t breathe’ and this makes your hair not grow healthy.

Be our own stylist

It goes without saying that for many tutorials on YouTube that we have seen we are not stylists, so it is preferable to go to cut your hair with someone professional. Believe me, it is not a waste of time or money but an investment, I assure you that you prefer a neat cut than shearing and regretting it for weeks.

Wash your hair too often

It may seem impossible to do but the recommended thing is to wash your hair every third day, because this way you let the follicle dry completely and it is not wet all the time. Make dry shampoo your best friend, I assure you that in addition to showing more beautiful hair, you save time in the shower and when grooming.

Brush it when wet

Of course, it is necessary to brush the hair to give it shine and undo the knots, but do not do it when it is wet, it will only make it break because when it is so it is much weaker. It is recommended to untie the knots with your fingers or a separate tooth comb when wet.

Wash it with hot water

It is probably one of the things that will cost you the most not to do, especially in winter or if where you live is a cold area most of the year, but believe me, starting to wash it with cold water is something that your hair will thank you for, and not only your hair but also your skin because washing your face with cold water reduces the probability of new blemishes.

Use products for any type of hair

Many of us do not care if the shampoo or styling cream we use is the one indicated for our hair type, however, we must use the indicated ones because, in addition to the fact that they were designed in such a way, they are the indicated ones to control the frizz, volume or protect, so find the one that helps you the most.

Buy low quality products

We left the aesthetic very happy with our cut and hairstyle but, oh disappointment! The next day we feel cheated because when we do our hair we don’t look the same as the day before, and it is because most of the products we have at home are not of good quality, so if you want to wear a cute look every day we have to be aware of the cost of what this implies.

Think only of the hair and not the scalp

We love our hair: its length, shine, shape and we leave aside a very important aspect and that is that it is born from leather hair, so it is essential to take care of it because if you have dandruff or another condition in the long run your hair and follicles will be the most affected.

Do chemical work at home and by yourself

More than one has come almost crying with the stylist after the misfortune they lived after doing the discoloration or pigmentation themselves in the comfort of their home, so all the stylists ask for it: go to a professional for it and thus avoid damaged, burned or parched hair.

Nobody becomes a platinum blonde overnight

I know, it is a beautiful and enviable look but remember something important: no one gets to that tone overnight, especially if your hair tone is dark brown or black, so if your plan in the change of look is to arrive remember that tone is a whole process, especially in time, or the only thing you will achieve is mistreat your hair and regret it.

Try to be the goddess of fantasy colors

We all had that time when we wanted our hair to be pastel pink or light blue, such was our stubbornness that we decided to do it at home and we believed that our bleaching and coloring technique was the best, and we always ended up damaging our hair. So if you want those hair colors, definitely do the whole process in the beauty salon.

Go with a makeshift stylist

It has happened to many of us, we see a beautiful look in a photograph on social networks and we go with those who say they are called ‘professional stylists’ and we end up disappointed, because by wanting to save us some money we end up with a cut or treatment that only ruined or It damaged our hair, so even if it is more expensive, go with those who are really professionals.

Choose a shade that doesn’t suit your skin tone

Many times we make the change of look following the trend, but the truth is that in order to do it we must take into account our skin tone, because sometimes we look even brighter or even paler than we really are.

Use many products at once

I think that sometimes our despair is so great that we end up mixing many products that we think are beneficial for our hair; I am not saying that using such products is bad, the harmful thing is to use them all at the same time; separately they can work perfectly but together it is possible that by not knowing them well their benefits will neutralize and damage the hair.


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