15 Tips to take care of your hair and treat the split ends without the need to blunt

15 Tips to take care of your hair and treat the split ends without the need to blunt

Most girls have a love and hate relationship with their hair, especially when their hair decides to have a life of their own, revolt and get out of control to the degree that hairpins or conditioners can not control the situation, causing them to hide it under a cap, layers of gel or even worse, that receives the heat from the tongs and dryers weakening it to be able to handle it.

Due to this odyssey, the hair ends up so mistreated that it seems that the only solution is to cut it and thus exterminate with the problem in a matter of minutes, luckily this is not the only option, so we have compiled the best 15 tricks to reconcile with your hair and have everything under control.

Use a good shampoo

The shampoo with which you wash your hair should be according to your needs, taking as reference the texture of dry, oily or mistreated hair.

Deep hydration

Apply conditioner or conditioning masks after cleaning your hair, this will give you extra silkiness and shine.

Do not brush it when it’s wet

This will only break it.

Locate the right brush

The coarse, fine or broken texture of your hair will help you locate the most appropriate brush. Here you can check the one that best suits you.

Avoid dryers and tongs

The heat tends to dry out and mistreat the hair.

Change your eating habits

Remember that the beauty and health of your hair comes from within. High-protein foods such as fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables will make it grow.

Dare to use essential oils

The essential oils strengthen the hair. You can prepare them by mixing 3 drops of lavender oil, 3 of rosemary, 2 of thyme oil and 2 more of cedar and if you have jojoba oil you also add 3 more drops.

Get away from the chemicals!

The high chemical products close the hair follicles further weakening damaged hair, opt for natural products.

Do not wash it daily

Although it seems inevitable, this is the best option to repair your hair, since subjecting it to washes and chemical products constantly increase the damage to the hair fiber.

Use vitamins

Either in ampoules to treat it on the outside or by ingesting folic acid, or B complex, the dose should be recommended by your doctor.

Take care of the sun

If you are going to swim, wear a rubber cap; If you expose yourself to the sun, wear a hat. There are also shampoos with sunscreen that can help reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays on your hair.

Night mask

Apply olive oil at night and cover it until the next day.

Take advantage of nature

A mask of papaya will fill your hair with vitamins. You must choose a ripe one and prepare a puree, mix it with a cup of natural yogurt and apply for 20 minutes.

Avoid multiple processes

If your hair is already weakened, avoid dyeing it, and smoothing it on the same day will only make things worse causing the orzuela to appear.

Only a blip


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