15 Original hairstyles for hair that are neither too long nor too short

Original hairstyles

Most hairstyle tutorials always focus on long or extremely short hair, but what about medium length hair? Besides that there is a versatility of cuts, there are also hundreds of hairstyles that can be done with it. From high pigtails to hairstyles with braids.

Medium hair is better than long and short because it is long enough and easy to handle. It’s like a dream come true, right? If you are looking for the best ideas, then these hairstyles looks you will love, and of course, they will also complement your outfit perfectly.

Braids will always give you a special look

You can try a bubble braid

Change the perspective and put it aside

Take two strands of hair, give them a few flies and attach them

The detail of the brooches makes it more elegant

A hairstyle that will make you look youthful

Complement your braid with two buns

A braid in the middle and curly hair is all you need

Use a crown-shaped spike braid

This type of braids are very practical

If you want a rockstar style this is what you need

The most casual hairstyle you’ll see is this:

Delicate and feminine

The waves will never go out of style

And if yours is straight, then just make a line to the center


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