15 Incredible hairstyles with twist that will make you look different every day

hairstyles with twist

In the world there are two types of girls: those who wake up early to make up and fix their hair, and those who love their hair disheveled and their face natural; both are beautiful. However, the latter, although they do not want to admit it, sometimes need a small change, at least in their daily hairstyle and here are a few solutions.

With a small twist the hair can look different, you know, we refer to a churrito here, a little bangs and a disheveled braid. These hairstyles will not take more than five minutes and will bring your face more vitality and beauty. Are you ready to try them?

Perfect to go to school

It will not take more than 5 minutes to do it

An accessory makes all the difference

You only need to ruffle the strands a little

Combine a braid with a casual chongo

To achieve this you only need a few pins

Give a different twist to your horse ponytail

If you have an event and do not want to pay much, try this

This double turn is simple and easy to do

Perfect for a girls outing

Disheveled and perfect

Remember to make a few curlers to give a special touch

A ponytail with a more professional appearance

With a twist you can make a rose with your hair

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