15 Images showing the evolution of hair in Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Hair

Since Miley Cyrus stopped being a Disney star she has had a series of quite daring changes, not only with her clothes but also with her hair. Since then no experience of change is too extreme for her. The singer went from having honey-colored hair with beautiful slings that made him look very abundant, to a crazy pixie cut.

But like a beauty chameleon who likes to experiment, the singer has made some mistakes with her hair. This brings us to December 2015, its darkest year. Fortunately he recovered and now he has only made good style decisions. This is a long journey through the history of Miley Cyrus’s hair.

Vintage waves

The waves she chose to attend the 2018 Grammys were the perfect complement to her red dress.

Smart Lazio

Straight, unadorned hair gave her an elegant look in 2017.

Volume with his tall pony

It gave him a more youthful style during 2017.

A hat as a complement

When Miley had a bad hairstyle day in 2017, she chose a hat as a complement.

Double bun juvenil

In 2016 his hairstyle was too cute.

Glitter rain

If you thought that glitter was a thing of this year, you’re wrong because in 2015 Miley used it to decorate her hair.

A bright touch to the pixi

When she attended the MET gala in 2015, she did it shining as only she knows how to do it.

The hair of the 90s

Miley sported a short hair in 2015 during the Grammys, and it looked spectacular.


This was not Miley’s perfect hair, but it was what she wanted to wear in 2013.

The dark time

In 2013 he lived a pretty unbridled time, and dragged his hair with it.

Punk pixie

2013, the year of the terrible decisions in Miley’s hair.

Rachel style

This is how his hair looked in 2012.

Volume, volume, volumeā€¦

Her hair was like a tribute to the 70s, during 2012.

Hippie style

The singer experimented with a hippie style, like that of Drew Barrymore in 2010.

Classic and innocent

This is how the world met little Miley in 2007.


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