15 Ideas of looks in burgundy tone to renew your hair

Bungurdy tone for hair

Something undeniable is that women change the look of our hair very fast and not only to close cycles but because there are so many beautiful colors that we simply want to try them all. And although this can damage the hair, we can not help it!

If you are looking to modify your appearance and give a bold touch to your face, the burgundy color is for you. It is a mixture of red with a slight touch of purple that goes well with any skin tone.

The burgundy will give life to your hair

It does not matter if your skin is white

The brunette

It’s perfect for anyone!

The balayage makes it look amazing

But you can also dye everything

Or mix it with fantasy dyes

Play with the shades that make it up and add red and purple rays

Choose a burgundy by throwing cherry

The joke is to let your imagination fly

The waves look amazing

Combine makeup with your hair

Keep in mind that it is a tone that hardens the features

But it has a lot of personality

Give it a chance!

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