15 Hairstyles with which it will be an impossible task to go unnoticed


There’s the boy of your dreams, you’re dying to get close and talk, but the days go by and he does not even know you exist. But there is a hundred percent effective and simple method to get your attention: an incredible hairstyle that makes you look completely different from the others.

All you have to do is ask your best friend or someone who knows how to make braids that gives you a little of your time and make you one of these hairstyles that will make you notice yes or yes. Also, something very important to take into account, is that you have to be sure of yourself. These are some hairstyles tips to attract the look of your crush.

With volume and upward braids on the side

It also works with short hair

A single braid on the side but with volume

Light supercute with dos buns

It can also be done with short hair

And how about everything collected?

Two buns a little higher

A ponytail with a bow, will make you look very feminine

Try also with half pigtail

A different braid

Nothing cooler than two braids

Show your most rebellious side

A braid with pigtail

It looks tender and attractive with this braid on the side

No doubt they will not take your eyes off you


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