15 Hairstyles that will rain ‘likes’ in your photos


What girl does not like to be told in her photos how beautiful she looks? Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, no matter what your preferred platform, selfies can not miss.

If you are one of the girls who like to post their photos on social networks, these 15 hairstyles will make you rain likes by lots. Take out your creative side!

Loose and side braids are fashionable

Try to form geometric shapes

Adorn your hairstyle with a bandana

Sailor Moon style chonguitos

By the power of the lunar prism!

The disheveled chongos are very popular

Horsetails do not have to be boring

Our favorite hairstyle when we were girls

The colors look amazing in the photos

You can wear caps without sacrificing your style

A simple straightening will make you look cute

Bring your hairstyle one step further with embellishments

A hat and hair disheveled for hipster girls

The friends are in the good, in the bad … and in the hairstyles

Be original!

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