15 Hairstyles for small hair; your bob cut will have a different look every day

Hairstyles for small hair

Although the Kardashians have imposed the trend of the hair as Rapunzel, the manes continue to be the favorite cut of the women, because besides that they can frame the face, they also give volume to the hair. Although, of course, sometimes the question arises: how to comb the short hair?

Comb your hair is as simple as when it comes to long hair because they are very versatile. In fact, with a little patience you can create the hairstyles you can least imagine, some include braids, other tight curls and many other small chongos. These are 15 hairstyles for manes that will help you to have a look full of style.

The half pigtails look elegant and sophisticated

This hairstyle is simple and looks very cute

The side braids will always make your hair stand out

If you need a sophisticated and fast chongo, this is the solution

A band in the hair can match your outfit

For this tutorial you only need a small band

A disheveled bun will always be the solution

Braids can always become an elegant hairstyle

A low ponytail and a bit of crepe can give you a simple but elegant hairstyle

For this hairstyle you only need to toast the braid a bit

A simple double bun is ideal for a night in the club

A bit of waves will add volume to your hair

The perfect hairstyle for a festival

If you want a hairstyle for an important event, this is the ideal

A side braid will always look cute

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