15 hairstyles for short hair that will take away the heat

Hairstyles for short hair

The hot season has officially arrived and the high temperatures force us to collect our hair from time to time. However, we are already tired of pigtails or high bunches, especially since not all of us have such long or medium-sized hair.

Fortunately there are always new ideas to tie it up and look fabulous. Here are 15 hairstyles for short hair that will make you enjoy the hot season.

Short hair with waves looks beautiful

Add a little shine

Hold the twists to form a ponytail

This type of chongos will never go out of style

A simple half ponytail like Kendall Jenner’s

This trick will make your ponytail look longer

Two braids so that the hair does not go to the face

Remember that the ties give a chic touch to your hair

Simply perfect

Accessories will make you look very feminine

This is a perfect hairstyle for a party

Goodbye to conventional chongos; now they are roses

Yes, you can wear boxer braids

Simple but very beautiful

A very stylish wet


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