15 cute hairstyles every short hair girl should try

15 cute hairstyles every short hair girl should try

Did you decide you wanted short hair and now that you have it that way you have no idea how to style it? Do not worry, there are hundreds of tips and we will share some of them with you.

The truth is that the hair of melenita looks beautiful, it is easy to comb and above all you save a lot of time in grooming; But sometimes it is tiring to always bring it loose and natural, so pay attention and add to your options the ones you like the most.

Beautiful Dutch braids

Ideal for exercising

Casual for a day at university

What you are looking for for a date with your lover

Double braid crown, very cute

Perfect for some formal engagement

With that casual touch we are looking for

Twist braid collected

Say bye to the hair on your face

The waterfall braid is beautiful

Nice, simple and easy

Very 90’s style

The side braid is the simplest of all

It takes you less than 5 minutes and is beautiful

For a tender and spring style


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