14 ways to care for your hair

Care for Hair

Remember not to brush your hair when it is still wet so as not to damage it and use products without alcohol, as they are very aggressive. If you use a hairdryer, keep your distance.

Your hair is sensitive to so many factors: the humidity, the heat, the concentration of salts in the water, the ultraviolet rays, the hairstyle you make, the stress, it is not easy to keep it bright, beautiful, healthy but you can do it. Do not worry so much and prepare paper and pencil because I’m going to show you 14 ways to take care of your hair.

14 ways to take care of your hair

Tip 1: Brush and hairstyle

To care for your hair it is important that you use natural bristle brushes and brush gently to avoid damaging the root or hair fiber. Avoid doing it while it is wet since the hair is more sensitive and breaks easily. To untangle yourself use a thick-tipped comb and remember to start at the tips.

Tip 2: What products will you use?

You already know the numerous chemical products that you are exposed to every day so whenever you can, substitute natural products. For example, if you have dry hair opt for a good treatment of natural hot oils. Shampoos that contain alcohol are very aggressive to the scalp as well as certain gels or hair shapers. Finally, never use too hot or cold water to wash your head, it is preferable to use warm water. In case you notice that you are losing hair do not submit to dyes or permanent chemical treatments.

Tip 3: Cut it at the right time

There is a mysterious relationship between the haircut and the moon: If you cut your hair one day when the moon is in a crescent, your hair will grow faster, instead if you cut it one day when the moon is in fourth waning will take longer to grow. But do not hesitate at least once to cut the tips to get good oxygenation and promote the growth and strengthening of your hair.

Tip 4: Beware of the dryer

The warm air of the dryer affects the roots of the hair, make sure to hold the equipment at least 15 centimeters away from your head and if what you want is to fix your hairstyle, cold air is your best option.

Tip 5: Bright hair

Who does not like to have shiny hair? Unfortunately, dust, lack of nutrients and exposure to cigarette and cigar smoke can make it dull. This treatment will restore you to the beautiful aspect of always: you only need to wash it with a solution of warm water and cider vinegar. You can also use strained lemon juice. This method will also eliminate dandruff and any infectious agent.

Tip 6: Dirty combs and brushes

You already know what makes the dust and the grease to your hair, because you must remember that the instruments that you use for your care get dirty and, therefore, dirty your hair. I recommend that you place them in a container full of warm water with four teaspoons of baking powder. Leave them for twenty minutes and then rinse. You will see how clean they are!

Tip 7: Wonderful shampoo for normal hair

Aloe vera has many properties, formerly used in pharmacies to make creams, moisturizing milk, emulsions for massages … Well, this shampoo will leave your hair silky and shiny after a week of use, but remember if you have dry hair or fat you should not use it.

You need 100 ml of honey shampoo, 200 ml of aloe juice and 2 tablespoons of whiskey. You just have to mix the 3 ingredients and stir with energy. Keep it in a bottle, in the dark for 6 months and then use it.

Tip 8: For oily hair and dandruff

To strengthen your hair, remove dandruff and excess fat this syrup is ideal. In just one month you will notice that it grows faster and stronger. You need a liter of white wine, 10 grams of seaweed agar, 10 grams of hijiki seaweed, 10 grams of kombu seaweed and molasses.

Place the wine and seaweed in a pot and bring to a boil over low heat for 15 minutes. Pour everything in a container and seal it tightly, let it rest for three days in a dry and dark place, shaking it from time to time. Then strain the cooking and add the same amount of molasses. Stir and conserve it. Take half a glass three times a day, before each meal. As the agar-agar is very gelatinous, it is likely that you have to heat the syrup to the Bain Marie each time.

Tip 9: Home Conditioner

Do you want to have your beautiful hair soft and shiny? You only need a simple homemade conditioner: rub the scalp with mayonnaise for five minutes, before using the shampoo. You’ll see what a divine lights!

Tip 10: Homemade moisturizer

It is very easy for the hair to dry up: the environment, certain shampoos, the same water can cause this effect, but you can solve everything with this moisturizer. Feel a professional hairdresser and prepare it. You need a ceramic container and a wooden spoon to mix two teaspoons of honey, one of olive oil and one egg yolk. Apply this cream on your hair doing gentle massage with the tips of your fingers. Cover your head with a towel and wait twenty minutes. Then you can wash it as always. You will tell me the changes.

Tip 11: Hair restorer

How bad those strands look, sticking out everywhere! Do not worry that with this treatment your hair will be beautiful and restored. Mix a tablespoon of honey, two egg yolks, a spoonful of yogurt and a tablespoon of warm water. Apply with a light massage on all the hair and wrap the head with aluminum foil. Wait 20 minutes and rinse with plenty of warm water.

Tip 12: Nourishing cream

Nothing better for your hair than a wonderful nourishing cream, its roots will fotalecerán and accelerate its growth. In a bowl, mash a ripe banana and avocado. This mixture should be distributed by your hair massaging lightly, cover with a cloth and let stand for 15 minutes. Then you can rinse with plenty of water and wash as usual. Repeat weekly.

Tip 13: To avoid lice

Lice are a pest that affects children most of all but adults can also suffer it. They are very unpleasant not only from the aesthetic point of view but also because they can cause different diseases and an unbearable itching. Are you ready to get rid of them? Well, wash your hair twice a week with vinegar. Add this product after rinsing the shampoo and you will see how your hair will be shiny and silky.

Tip 14: Tips

To finish I leave you some natural tips to strengthen and beautify your hair:

  • Avoid stress because it causes the fall and weakening of the hair.
  • Do not smoke, nicotine interacts with the body’s proteins affecting the hair.
  • Incorporate to your diet foods rich in vitamin C and B vitamins such as: guava, dates, peaches and whole grains.


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