14 simple tricks to show off a beautiful curly hair

Beautiful Curly Hair

Each hair has its pros and cons when it comes to combing and caring for it, but Chinese hair is the one that gets the prize for rebellion, because although they are fabulous they require more care so that they do not lose their innate vitality.

As we love the curls, we leave 14 tips to finally tame your hair you succeed and have a Chinese heart attack that will be the envy of every woman.

The first is to choose a good haircut

Beautiful Curly Hair

Most problems with our hair are because we do not know to choose an appropriate court or to the despuntamos two or three times a year, ERROR! So your hair does not frizz look you must cut it in layers and despuntarlo once a month to get rid of split ends.

Sleep with one or more flojitas braids

This will help your hair not mistreat the rustle of sheets and manageable dawns without much frizz and not so tangled.

Use combs with wide bristles to untangle

Brushes or combs with narrow bristles will only cause your hair to break and have frizz. You must also untangle it when it is wet to avoid mistreating it.

When you shower you use shampoo only at the roots

The ingredients of most shampoos tend to dry the hair, so it is best to only use it on the root, where you need to clean more deeply. Preferably use a sulfate-free shampoo, it will not foam but it will not dry out your hair either.

Never use your hair to dry it

Dry it with gentle squeezes to define your curls and avoid breakage and frizz. If you can do it with a cotton shirt is much better because it is more friendly with your hair.

The dryer with diffuser is a great ally

You will get more defined waves just like if you had gone to the hairdresser, because it will give you movement and definition. Do not forget to complement its use with treatments for the activation of curls and protectors against heat.

Make a mixture of water and coconut oil

In a spray bottle, mix half the water and half the coconut oil so you wet your hair every time you feel dry. If you make the mixture in a small bottle you can take it everywhere.

Use dry shampoo to give volume to your hair

If you are a volume lover, apply some dry shampoo and massage with your fingers. This product prevents your hair from looking bored and lifeless.

Once a week treat yourself to a mask

It’s a tip that most of our moms tried to inculcate, but sometimes we overlooked it. The masks do miracles not only in the face but also in the hair.

Masks for Frizzy Hair

Make your hair match diagonally so you can see more volume

In addition to making the game diagonally you can move it every day so that your roots are not accustomed to a position and maintain the volume and natural movement of your hair.

Mix your gel with a little water to avoid stiff curls

If you have a somewhat rebellious hair it is not necessary that you contain it under gel packs that will only make it look stiff and ugly. Take a not so big drop, mix it with a little water and spread it through your hair.

Take different wet locks and roll them with your finger

Blonde and Chinese hair girl defining her waves with her finger

If you have time to spare, take thin strands and one by one shape them with your fingers. This will give you a bit more definition.

To make a tail use a thick donut

Thin donuts mistreat hair and can cause it to break. Also avoid squeezing a lot so you do not hurt your head.

Your hair is beautiful, do not try to change it!

Believe it or not, many women straight hair would give anything to have your cute Chinese. Love them and learn to make the most of them!


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