13 Hairstyle ideas according to the style of your dress

Hairstyle ideas

Many times we can find the dress of our dreams, but finding the perfect hairstyle can be extremely difficult, because highlight our attire and neckline is an art that involves a lot of practice, since if we make mistakes in the choice of hairstyle all our attire can be ruined

So do not worry anymore. We leave you some tips to comb your hair that go perfect with each type of neckline and that will make you look spectacular.

Long neck

For this neckline nothing better than a high bow.

Heart shape

Use a Malvinka hairstyle to lengthen the neck and torso.

Boat neckline

A braid crown will shorten the neckline, you will look thinner.

Fallen shoulders

Incorporate a headband into your hair, highlight your hairstyle and shoulders.

Neckline off shoulder

These side hairstyles are exemplary for these types of dress.


Ballet dancer dresses are beautiful with a low back.

Loose neck

A French twist will make these types of cleavage look better.

Round neckline

A curly hair gathered in a ponytail will accentuate the upper part of your body.

Triangular neckline “V”

Use a hairstyle in voluminous low ponytail, this will lengthen your neck and make your face and shoulders thinner.

Neck keyhole

To highlight your bust use some curls collected.

Square or French neckline

Use a braid with this neckline, your dress will look very good.


A hairstyle in lateral stripe will help you not lose sight of your outfit.


A side hairstyle will not hinder your neckline.

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