12 Easy combs that you need to try if you want your hair to rest from the iron

Easy combs

The elegant hairstyles will always look beautiful and fantastic, but unfortunately they are not a style that can be used for day to day. It happens the same with those that are very elaborate, with braids or some kind of texture that requires using the iron or a curling tong. Yes, they can give us more enhancement, but not all girls can invest more than 30 minutes in the mornings to achieve them.

One of the best looks we can use is natural hair. Sometimes the idea of ​​letting it dry in the wind can make us tremble, but with the passage of time we may discover that it is not so bad. This is because natural hair is not only easy to maintain, it is also very healthy. The constant use of hair styling products and tools can damage it severely, but if you have no idea how to let it shine naturally, here are 15 ways you can wear it and look just as amazing as if you were using a curling iron.

Light braid

Definitely, the best way to bring your hair to the natural is to braid it, but beware! You should not squeeze the hairstyle. The secret is to braid it softly so that it looks relaxed. The best thing about this is that, in addition to removing the hair from your face, it will also give you a curly style when you let it go.

Half bun

This bun in the middle of the head is something that we should all try at least once. If your hair has too much volume and you only want to remove a bit of the face, then try a medium bun and leave the rest free and natural.

Half braid

The half braid is an easy and nice look to do if you’re in a hurry. You just have to take some hair from the top, braid it and let the rest of the hair remain natural.

The messy bun is for all hair types

A messy look is something you can never go wrong with. It is easy to do and goes well with any outfit or situation.

Braided pigtails

If your hair is super smooth and straight, then try braided pigtails. They are easy to make and also will give volume to your hair.

Natural curls

Although girls with curly hair tend to hate it, this type of hair is the most sensual that can exist. So if you’re one of them, from now on, just let it dry with the wind and show it off.

Braided back pony

This look is amazing and very easy to achieve. Just make a French braid half of your hair and then hold it in a high ponytail or a half ponytail. You can leave loose strands to highlight the hairstyle even more.

Pigtail with twist

Pigtails will always be the solution to everything. But if you want to add an extra so it is not too boring, then try to twist some hair from both sides of your head and then incorporate it into your ponytail.

The sea waves

Sea waves are definitely the best way to use natural hair and are also super easy to do. Just apply a little water with salt and squeeze the hair with your fingers.

French braids

This type of braids is beautiful and the best thing is that you can use it for almost any situation, like shopping, going to the gym or going to school.

The side pigtail

This type of pigtails is perfect with any type of hair. So you just have to try.


To achieve this type of hairstyle you just have to make a few twists with the hair and hold them with each other.

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