+100 Haircuts for Men 2018 2019 trends

Haircuts for Men 2019

Although new haircuts for men continue to appear every season, it is not easy to choose one that adapts to the shape of our face, and that also fits with our personality. We have selected the styles that will be trend in 2019 so you can choose the one that best suits you. You’ll see that most types of cuts have names in English. Unfortunately, there is no translation in Spanish, at least for now.

Taper Fade

The fade cut is also known as faded or diminished. Among all styles with decrease, the taper fade is the most sought after. And it’s not hard to see why. The length of the hair gradually decreases from the top to the neck. This style looks great and is fashionable at the same time. However, it is important to do it with a good stylist so that it is as perfect as you want it to be.

Low Fade

A low fade is a cut that fades completely as it approaches the neck. The top part of the head can be designed in the way that we like, as long as it is longer than below. It is a kind of progressive diminished that begins at a much lower level in the scalp until reaching the neck.

High Fade

A high fade is a kind of conical haircut in which the fading begins in a much higher area of the scalp. At the top of the head is a thick lock of hair that we can comb the way we want. The lower part of the head towards the neck is cut almost completely. There is a certain punk aspect to this cut.

Mid Fade

The average fading is another type of gradual cut where the decrease begins in the middle of the scalp. He is one of the favorites, since he achieves a handsome style.

Temple Fade

Literally translated, means temple fading. The hair is cut close to the temples. The rest of the hair is longer or slightly trimmed and can be designed the way we want it. This has been loved by younger men for a long time simply because it is very elegant.

Bald Fade

A bald fading is the type of cut where we begin to decrease the length from above the scalp. The fade can be drawn at angles. Only an expert can reach perfection in this cut and we recommend that you do not try alone, unless you are well trained.

Afro Fade

Afro fade is a popular hairstyle for men with curls. It is a conical cut that starts in the middle of the scalp leaving a lot of hair on the top of the head.


The undercut or undercut hairstyle is any type of cut in which the hair at the top of the head is long and thick and leads to a very short bottom. The upper part can be designed in many styles depending on the aspect you want to use.

One of the fashionable variants has a fade in the back of the head gradually. A cut very 40 years. The temples and adjacent areas are shaved, leaving the hair of average length in the parietal area. The length and thickness are not fixed, so the stylist is free to act as he wishes.


The spectacular pompadour hairstyle or copete is something that definitely makes you stand out. Popularized by Elvis Presley, this haircut leaves a large portion of hair to agitate it backwards. This style resurfaced in the 80s and today has many followers.

Pompadour offline

A disconnected tuft is a variation of the pompadour where the upper part of the hair is separated from the rest of the hair with the help of a short or faded lateral. This makes the upper hair stand out even more than with the normal pompadour.


A quiff is a hairstyle that has been in fashion for about ten years. All you have to do is make the front of your hair look bulky. When applying a gel or cream, we model it so that it turns backwards while creating a toupee on the forehead. A very casual hairstyle that looks good on most men.


The Buzz haircut is one of those great cuts for the summers. The length of the hair is very short, except that you leave a little longer hair in the center of the scalp on the top of the head. For those who do not want to spend too much time keeping their hair, this is a great way to look stylish.

Crew cut

A little more hair is left on the scalp at the top, with a pointed shape. Another great summer haircut that is very popular.

Faux Hawk

Designing your hair in a Faux Hawk is a sure way to attract the attention of a crowd. All you have to do is leave a lot of hair on top of your head and give it a style with gel or a hair cream to get this hairstyle.

Spiky hair

Pointy hair is a great way to make a casual hairstyle look good. All you have to do is fix your hair into thorns so that it stays erect. You can make spikes right in front or out. Using a gel or cream improves skewers.

Geometric figures

The distinctive feature of the new season 2019 are the temples and the shaved neck. So that the hairstyle is no longer ordinary, the figures of geometry are made in the shaved area. This fashion came from the late 80’s of the last century, but has undergone many changes. To obtain an impeccable drawing, you will have to find an expert craftsman.

With bangs

If you have unruly hair, leaving a little hair on your forehead to form a bangs is an excellent way to keep it combed. All you have to do is apply a little gel or cream and make the bangs look less messy.

Bob or carre

Another option is the bob haircut, but it is not suitable for lazy men: this requires a lot of attention.


The Waterfall cut has been considered for many years as one of the most popular, so stylists often find new ideas and techniques to give the hair an interesting structure. As the name implies, it is cut into layers.

Cuts for curly hair

The medium curls look romantic and masculine, but they require a lot of attention from the person who owns them. If you do not have time for daily care and style, we recommend that you opt for simpler options.

You can use products to comb the hair. But keep in mind that the excess of gel and mousse will charge the hair, making it look dirty and carefree. All the cuts that we have presented above can be seen very well in this type of hair.

The best way to take advantage of the curls of those who own them naturally, is to go for cuts that favor their assembly. The effectiveness in assembling the curls will be directly proportional to the amount of layers that are incorporated in the cut. A cream for curls, will be the most effective way to get a nice curly hair without friz.

Fashionable hairstyles with these cuts

Combed over hair

It is one of the most used hairstyles, especially to go to work. Make a sideline, comb the hair and go. To avoid it being boring, we can add other styles such as fading.

Slicked back hair

It’s like the previous hairstyle but a gel is used. It makes you look as chivalrous as bad at the same time.

Side hair

A side part is one of the most common hairstyles that makes you look elegant and gives you a youthful look. All you have to do is divide one side and comb carefully. A gel definitely makes it look good.

Bun or chignon

All you have to do is tie it to the height you want and that’s it.

Top Knot

A top knot hairstyle, very similar to a bun, where you only have a knot, this is just at the top of your head. You can give a different style to the rest of your hair depending on where you want to leave more hair or not. An urban and manly style.

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