10 Tips for a hair so long that you will be the envy of Rapunzel

tips for long hair

Many women believe that having a long, silky and manageable hair is simple, but it is not quite true. It is true that having long hair is not only one of a woman’s best options to look more attractive, but also allows us to wear more styles and hairstyles; So it is essential to know that having long strands is ‘normal’ that the tips are dry and the greasy roots provide more strength, but it does not mean that it is good.

We have compiled the best tips so that your hair is definitely the reason for you to feel where you are, and we also assure you that your hair and its length will thank you very much.

Take care of your diet

Surely more than once you have heard “you are what you eat,” and the truth is that it applies this time, so we recommend that your diet be as balanced as well as adding foods rich in vitamins B and C.

Wash your hair but not daily

Have a lot or little hair, it is recommended that you do not wash it daily, since your scalp will be taking full advantage of the natural oils of your hair and choose that shampoo that provides shine and softness.

Use conditioner

After you have washed your hair, be sure to apply a special conditioner for your hair type from half to tip, so that this will strengthen it and make it more silky.

Hydrate it

It is recommended that once every 10 or 15 days you perform an extra hydration; in case you do not expose it excessively to thermal heat it can be homemade; However, if you use the tongs or irons daily it is better that you go with an expert and that it is he who advises you.

Brush it correctly

To avoid mistreating or breaking the hair it is important to use a separate bristle brush, or that these are flexible. Although it is best to use a wild boar bristle brush, which provides shine and texture, prevents frizz and stimulates its growth.

Learn to untangle the knots

How do they untangle? Preferably it is done when taking a bath, when the conditioner acts on the hair, so that when leaving the shower the knots come apart and thus the hair is easier to control.

Try to do without the dryer, iron and tongs

The truth is that the dryer saves us a lot of time because in less than half the time we achieve a dry and tidy mane; However, this heat is one of the greatest enemies of the hair. Even if you can’t stop using it, choose the option of cold or medium air to dry it as little as possible.

Use heat shield

Wearing a heat shield on the hair makes a huge difference and using it means that your hair will not be burned, and skipping this step so quickly and easily will make it so when we apply heat to our hair. Its function is basically to create a protective barrier that prevents damage and eliminate frizz.

Avoid split ends

This is one of the most common problems of long hair, and that once they reach a specific length they become fragile, and it is more complicated that it grows healthier, so it is important to highlight them every two or three months .

Consult an expert before any treatment

Something you should remember is better to pay a few more pesos for a good advice, than to leave your house crying because you were like ‘Britney Pelona’, so you know that there are hundreds of treatments that are applied to prepare the hair and minimize the damage After a change of look.


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