10 haircuts to make your face look thinner

how to make thinner face

New year, new look! We are officially in 2020, so it’s time to renew, and what better way than with a haircut that makes us feel beautiful.

There are some cuts that make your face look much thinner because sharpen your features and make focus attention on your eyes and not your chin or cheeks. These are 10 haircuts that will make you look more slender.


If your face is round, ideally you cut your hair in a mane below your jaw. So you enmarcarás your face and you will achieve the chin to lengthen, giving the impression that you have a thin face. Avoid round bobs with straight tips, focus on the angular cuts.

Messy layers

If you love long hair, then opt for unordered layers, these will help shape your face and long. When you comb it, keep the volume in the lower layers; If it is on your sides, your face will look rounder.

Curtain bangs

Side bangs helps the face look elongated and youth also makes the hair look lighter and more movement. The best thing about bangs is that it works with any length and cut.

Long and straight

Long hair conceals wide cheeks, also if the party is like a line in the center will fall like a curtain.

Asymmetric pixel

Besides being one of the most sensual and daring cuts, the pixie sharpens the features of your face, because you leave the neck bare, getting a stylized effect.

Shoulder Waves

With the waves you will be able to frame the eyes and sharpen the chin.

Asymmetric bob

The bob has to be short in the back and long in the front. With a match in half, the length will make your face lengthen.


Degrafilado hair helps your hair to have more volume and attention diverted to it rather than your face.

Medium cut and asymmetric bangs

If your face has a hexagonal shape, ideally wear a hair to his shoulders in waves and an asymmetrical fringe, so your face will look sharp.

Extra long curls

This style works well to lengthen the face.


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