10 errors we make when our hair care

10 errors we make when our hair care

We all want to wear perfect and beautiful hair at all times. Many of us use a thousand products for the care of our hair, but we do not realize that using so many products can damage our hair more than we think.

It is good to apply certain products in our daily hair care, but do not overdo it, as it can be counterproductive.

There are a lot of hoaxes regarding the care of our hair, for example, the myth that the hair needs 100 brushes every night before going to bed is completely false, it is more, with this we get the hair electrified much more easily and due to this, we are entangled much more. It is recommended to comb the hair once in the morning and again in the afternoon.

Having said that, I am going to show you some mistakes that we all make when it comes to taking care of our hair.

Wash the hair many times throughout the week. This can cause hair loss, exhaustion and loss of shine.
Unless your hair is oily, the ideal thing is to wash your hair twice a week.

Combing our freshly wet hair. Wet hair is more susceptible to damage, by trying to untangle wet hair you can further damage your hair, leading to its breakage. It is convenient that you use a special conditioner for tangled tips, apply it immediately after leaving the shower and then comb your hair.

Dry our hair by rubbing it with a towel, this effectively makes the hair dry quickly but also causes our hair to suffer more damage. Ideally, wrap our hair in a towel and let it absorb all the moisture.

Ironing the hair when it is still wet. This is only going to cause your hair to burn. To use any heat tool in our hair we must wait for it to dry completely. In the case of the dryer we must try that the air is not very hot, since we can burn the hair in the same way as with the iron.

Do not use a hair protector before ironing. These protectors prevent the hair from burning.

Pull hair tight to remove tangles. This can cause the hair to fall out and break, the ideal is to use a conditioner or a product that makes your hair unravel more easily without having to pull the brush very hard.

Do not cut our hair. Occasionally it’s great to cut your hair, at least the ends to keep it healthy and free of broken or open ends. It is appropriate to cut the tips at least 4 times a year.

Rinse hair under water for a long time. You have to rinse the shampoo or conditioner but do not overdo it, since the water contains lime and dries your hair and it may sting you more than usual.

Use too many dyes. Many times we obsess with changing style but we forget that the hair does not accept all the dyes that we submit and end up with a damaged hair in which the only solution to fix it is to cut it. Do not abuse the dye!

Use shampoo + conditioner 2 in 1. Many people use it to save money, but it is a big mistake. The products of two functions do not give as good results as separately. You can use it when you go on a trip, but it’s not good to use it every day.

What do you make many of these mistakes on a daily basis? Tell us what you think!


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