10 Cute hairstyles and style trends for your hair in 2019

Cute Hairstyles

Finishing the year is an excellent pretext to conclude stages (that is, close cycles) and, in passing and why not, to give a polish to your image and beauty routines. In the hairstyle and hair accessories department, the best catwalks of 2018 have left behind some ideas to renew your look and give new life to your hair.

From the inspiration of the 60s, to some trends that you surely also used during the nineties, do not miss them here with the following 10 best hair trends to use in 2019.

Accessories of the 90s

Tweezers, pins, spring headbands and even the cuquitas that you used in the primary.

Collected hair and bangs from the style of the 60s

Those classic hairstyles of the divas of the 60 return only with a more “moderate” volume.

Chongos of two, three and up to four knots

Because one already bored.

The cut mushroom bob but with much more volume

Do not be afraid of an eighties look from your mother when she was young.

Headbands and volume in the crown

Another inspiration from the 60s.

Bangs and long hair

Especially in shades of blond or coppery hair.

Small braids hidden in your mane

With a boho chic vibe.

They also apply these thin braids but in collected hairstyles

A classic touch that could not fail.

Leave your curls to the natural because the permanent is back

And with bangs Why do not you ?!

Also the short and turbulent manes

Who said that the bob they all bring in fashion does not look cool in curly hair too?


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